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Jeffrey Andonuts, you don’t look so good!

I stylized Ness, yo.

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In Soviet Russia, Koopa King beats YOU

In the Turtle Kingdom, the lovely Princess Peach was kidnapped by the evil King Mario, leader of the evil Plumbers. It’s up to the Super Bowser Bros to rescue her, one stomp at a time.

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A new member. A pretty damn awesome new member, while we’re at it.


Pako is pretty much an cool guy, with good ideas and awesome skills. He wanted to join KittyCorp, but then he found he was selected for Stack Smash, so here he is. He’s a fan of the Mario series, so we’ll hopefully see an increase of costumes related to the good ol’ plumber eating mushroom around here. I mean, the mushroom eating plumber.

You want proof he’s awesome and has awesome skills, uh?

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Did you know Meta-Knight is not only a skilled swordsman, but he is a robotics expert as well? ‘Tis true. He put his skills to the test in his spare time (when he’s not doing his best impressions of Hurricane Ivan), by creating a walking, talking mini version of his trusty ship, the Halberd, to aid him in tough fights. And to bring him beers. MiniHalberd joins the Brawl!

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Prince of Radaxian, champion of Janken

A powerful, young boy who fights his enemies by playing rock, paper, scissors. His exceptional skill at that game made him a hero. He rescued Radaxian from Janken the Great’s evil reign, he returned the stolen stars and managed to find his long lost father, the king of Radaxian.

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Stages, FUCK EM!!!

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Get ready to show ya moves…

Melee Falcon got word that an impostor of him was exhibiting major suck-factor. Angered that someone was destroying his reputation, Melee Falcon set out on a grand quest to reclaim top tier, and put his impostor, Meta-Knight, and Snake out of commission.

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Deku, Goron and Zora Link join the Brawl!

Triple update!!, now starring Deku Link, Goron Link and my beloved Zora Link!!

Skip to da pics FUKKA

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New Stories: Zombie R.O.B. and Zombie Ganondorf

I’m making this post not only because I have made stories for two previous updates that didnt have stories, but to say that I graduate on May 16th. Why is this important? Because I have done all of my textures at school, on the school computers. Once I graduate, I won’t have access to a computer for an indefinate amount of time. So come summer, you probably won’t see much of me or my textures. But don’t worry, I’ve got a fun zombie suprise in store in place of my absense. So look forward to it.

Now for the new stories!!!
Zombie R.O.B. –
Zombie Ganondorf –

And so …

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