Monthly Archive for May, 2011

Made It, Ma! Top of the Halberd!

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Happy Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

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Melee Enthusiasts Rejoice

As much as I hate Melee hacks (Brawl characters with their Melee appearance) I made these Melee hacks because no-one else had made them, and I was curious to see what their textures looked like. So I asked S. to rip some textures from Melee for me, and then I made these abominations.

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Mario Bros.

…On the Game Boy Advance!

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Item Hacks…

Hate ’em? Well too bad! This post is yet another item hack post.

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Miscellaneous Stuff

Here are three things I made that I don’t think are good enough for their own update so I’m including them all in one update.

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Hi there, I’m T.T.

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