Random Person Joins StackSmash

You got it. Another Member is here to screw around with you. I texture hack menus, stages, and effects. You might recognized me from Elite Smash Hackers as a quiet member and The KittyCorp:MeowMix Merge as the member that fucked up the site. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my presence here at SS.

You’ll mostly see stages, effects, and menus by me. You wont see many or any characters from me. This is probably the last time you’ll see a character update from me. I think this is my best character texture I made(because I only made 3). The stage(with black sky) in three of the pictures will be coming soon in one of my future updates. (Please ignore black dots)

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  • @Miacis: …Actually, you’re wrong. WP didn’t alter Shadow’s user OR site address in any way. The last I saw (a good few hours after WP’s post on changing Shadow’s website), he DID change it to that aboutthebird.com.
    I know, because I are smrt and actually clicked it and had to restart. U:< So please stop with your comments. They are seriously not necessary, and ultimately unproven.

  • Then … may I know WHO the hell did it ?
    Since you basically already tried to make Oizen ban Shadow from KCMM, I think you understand why I see you as the suspect …

    PS: Oh, I know where I’ll get my answer …

  • They may be unproven, but history has told me that he did worse things to some of the KC-MM members. So S, with all due respect, you’ll understand why he appeared to me as the n°1 suspect. Especially on his “own news”.

    Thing is : I still don’t know who did this crap on Shadow’s name and website, and who deleted my comments. On a normally-constituted website, any intervention from the moderation is justified one way or the other. Especially if it involves post deletion. And especially when facing a loud mouth like me, who doesn’t appreciate any kind of disrespect.

    Fine, then I’ll ask about it in a more appropriate place (the boards …) even though I’m pretty sure I won’t get any answer.

  • Try not to spam in my topic…
    And stop over-reacting to a sign that says, “Awaiting Moderation”

  • … Whoever edited this last comment doesn’t understand that I keep everything in mah tiny little Pandora Box. =]

    I wouldn’t “spam” your topic if one of your team comrades (or yourself …) didn’t show me such irrespect. I’ll let you arrange this with your team.
    It seems this place is the only one where I can get any decent answer anyway.

    (And I don’t see how you can defend a website that warns mods every time the word “K C M M” is used.)

  • @Miacis

    If you have a problem with the site then just leave and let us handle our problem…

  • Sorry about the edit, Miacis. Deleting spam every 5 minutes gets boring quickly 😛

  • “(And I don’t see how you can defend a website that warns mods every time the word “K C M M” is used.)”


  • (@ Androu1 : I’ll send you a PM on the boards ok ? I’d like to clear this too …)

    Fiu … excuse me, maybe I went overboard a little. (Had a tiring day with a friend, and my eye is making me suffer).
    But I’d just like my questions to be answered, that’s all. Mostly what triggers some “awaiting moderation” in these comments, and who the hell messed with Shadow’s post.

    Besides, I thought you wanted to talk with me to clear some things up about what you messed on the KC-MM boards. It’s been like 3 weeks now, even though I’d told you that I was open to discussion.

    All in all, that makes a lot of unanswered questions, that’s all. 😕

  • @Miacis

    I apologize for leaving you hanging. But I didnt get the chance ask for your contact info before you banned me…

  • Oizen triggers “awaiting moderation” :B

  • Here’s the download link?

  • @James

    Not releasing yet.

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