Scarf it down!

Tonight, we have one of Kirby’s oldest enemies, from a level that was actually a cloud level done right, the only occurance of a good cloud level ever. (YES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SUPER PAPER DISAPPOINTMENT.) He was one of Kracko’s greatest minions, a cheery, happy floating enemy with a very short temper. When you try to damage it, it’s cheery disposition transforms into one of pure rage, and it’s two happy eyes transform into one inflamed cyclopian receptacle. Run, run far away, because Scarfy’s coming to town! And he got a new haircut too.

9 Responses to “Scarf it down!”

  • ŏ_O

    Weird. Kind of looks like a Kirby that just sucked up a Jigglypuff… except not.
    Sweet idea with making Jiggs Scarfy, though. Too bad that she can’t just accumilate damage and turn cyclops. 😛

  • Looks kinda like Scarfy, the main problem is that of the rage. Also, asking that to Mr. Owl might end awkward xD

  • lol looks like the lovechild of Jiggs and Kirby

  • I almost forgot this was jiggly xD

  • If only you could give Jigglypuff Lucario’s Aura mechanic. That’d be perfect for a Scarfy.

  • It actually took me a while to figure out what you did. This is bloody amazing! Great work!

  • Ohh God…That super paper mario level made me want to kill myself.
    Anyways, nice texture. I like how even though jiggly has extremely simple textures, you can drastically change her appearance.

  • If you could remove the arms, legs, and hair, then color it more of a brownish-orange, it would look PERFECT!!!

    You guys still did better than the Scarfy I made… (Seeing as I never made one… Or any texture, for that matter).

  • Could she change into rage-mode when having the smash ball or something? Anyways, pretty good job! (must be heck of a job to make any kinds of texture hacks)

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