After the multples battles agains an evil doctor, after many years, a new era began, more depth, obscure and mature.

All start in a highway under attack by corrupted robots knows as Mavericks, designed to exterminate their counterparts, the Reploids, and human race.

The stage introduce you as an Blue Reploid, who meets with a purple robot in an mechanic armor, and a red guy with long, blonde hair, who saves you for the other one.

After that, you will know that red robot, called Zero, is your best friend and partner, and both former members of a group called “Maverick hunters”, with the mission of protect the world exterminating the mavericks and defeat it’s commander, Sigma.

In a Highway starts the name of Megaman X, there are many highways in the serie, but this it’s the first and the most memoral one (with an awesome music anyway).

This it’s my first stage texture, this stage brings me alot of nostalgia, and hope that all will like it, specially for the MMX fans like me, πŸ˜›

Here we go, the start of everything, CENTRAL HIGHWAY, THE INTRO STAGE!!!

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