The crossover begins.

Mario and Sonic.

Fanboys clamor for a crossover game, claiming that it’d be the best game in the history of evarrr. And so, Nintendo and Sega shook hands, and the process begun.

Mario and Sonic stared in awe at the monstrous machine before them. It was called the “Crossover…er”, and it was the latest of technologies, made from the collaborative minds of Nintendo and Sega.

Mario and Sonic stepped nervously into their pods, ready to begin the “crossover.” The machine sprung to life, a horrible noise filling the air. At that moment, a Sega intern by the name of Miles Prower hit a wrong switch.

The Crossover-er exploded. As the smoke cleared, a lone figure stumbled out of the wreckage…a horrible, deformed creature…

The Somari was born.

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