2 Captain Fail-cons! Wether it’s really fail or not is up to you!

I give you Super Falcon Captain Falcon for those familiar with the F-Zero X Expansion Kit (this must be released on VC IMO!) and Kogarashi for those familiar with Kamen No Maid Guy.

Why fail?

1. Super Falcon didn’t require that much effort.

2. Kogarashi… just see for yourself. If you’re a really dedicated fan who can see past the horrid appearance, you might like it.

Behold the evidence

21 Responses to “2 Captain Fail-cons! Wether it’s really fail or not is up to you!”

  • Friday the 17th of July 2009 shall not be remembered as the day without textures!

  • ^ lol
    Super Falcawn, eh? I’ll have to look into that one m’self…

  • Never heard of either of them.

    I’ll have to agree that Kogarashi looks fail-ish. But Super Falcon looks coo’.

  • Kograshi looks like puke. Super Falcon, he has no nose! And 4th!

  • fuuuuuuuu falcon haz no pants D:

  • No, it’s definitely fail. But it’s still awesome. I even like your fails 🙂

  • Super falcon is good, Kogarashi, is meh.

  • is MAID GUUUY!! THE only man with 70 senses!! cool!!

  • … Captain Falcon as Hard Gay. That’s all I’m thinking when I look at Kograshi. I’m thinking that Captain Falcon must now be hacked into being Hard Gay.

    It would make his Falcon Dive in particular rather horrifying.


  • teamrocketspy621

    @Mask of Norro: It was done with Snake on Kitty Corp’s forum, I think. I know someone made this “Hard Gay” guy. No idea who he is, but I know he’s been made.

  • @LeadofDestruction:
    It says Super Falcon. The ‘N’ is covered by his right arm.

  • make space ghost with cf

  • YEHS! All right! My request for Super Falcon has been turned into a real texture! Thank you all. I’m glad that now there is a 3d model of Captain Falcon that looks like Super Falcon Captain Falcon. Maybe now Super Falcon will get more recognition.

  • The one thing better than Captain Falcon…is SUPER Captain Falcon.

  • I really want to download Super Falcon Captain Falcon (or Super Captain Falcon for short).

  • well… super falcon was awsome!

  • hey I noticed you have made great falcon textures. I was just wondering if you wouldnt mind taking a request. ya see I have always wanted this costume for falcon but i dont do any texture hacking, or any hacking for that matter. Well I wanted a costume for him that had like some spikes on the knee. I wanted the whole costume to be black except his eyes Red and his right knee have some blood all over it. but if you cant make spikes then the blood only is just fine .also if you would, please write “get raped” on his right arm in red. I understand if you dont wanna do it and you dont have to I mean im asking you this so dont be hesitant to say no. but anyway thanks for your time.

  • Did these ever get released? I wanna use Super Falcon but I can’t find it anywhere -.o’

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