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Return Notice and a Call for Help

So, you may have noticed that soon after I announced my “Hatathon”, I stopped updating despite saying I could update everyday. Well to make a long story short (too late), there was an “accident” and I couldn’t use the computer for awhile. I’m back now, but I won’t be able to update for awhile, because Mediafire is deleting files from my account now. This could lead to my Mediafire account being terminated and all of my hacks will be lost. So If anyone has any of my hacks that have been deleted from my account, please send them to me so I can reupload them. Also, because Mediafire is a service I can no longer use, even though I will still be making hacks during this time, I won’t release anything until I find a new host, and have all my hacks backed up. Also, please tell me If you know how to bulk download from Mediafire.

If you would like to help with restoring my hacks, these are the ones with broken downloads:*&ByUser=*PAVGN*&Credit=*&Info=*&Thumb1=*&Type=**&TypeAlt=*


I appeared.

Yeah, PAVGN asked me to join, and I did.
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A tower that rises during the “Dark Hour”? What?

Yes. This is my first Dissidia stage mod and first Dissidia mod overall. Yeaaaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

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StackSmash has been fairly dead lately hasn’t it? Well shit, I just wanted to update saying that fairly soon there will (probably) be some pretty cool updates, some possibly unexpected updates. You will know what I mean when you see it.

I would say more, but since we aren’t sure it’s gonna work out yet I don’t wanna make false promises (that’s why I say it’s possible and not 100% sure). But still, I want to give you all something to look forward to.

Yeah. So like, hang in there.

GUESS WHO????!!!+update

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It’s-a me, BP. This update is just to let you know, I updated the hacks list/roster page/download place. And, luckily, most of them actually have downloads this time. And you can finally get Fox McClown, Hulk Davidson and Dr. Horrible (though I think I must have accidentally deleted his red, end-of-movie costume).

I don’t have any new textures (or model hacks) to show you (yet) but all the work I had to do to update the hacks list… should prove that I still care. I’ll be making head-burstingly insane texture hacks again before you know it.

Also, while I agree that a place like BrawlVault is perfectly sensible as a place you can go to find links to textures more easily, I do not get the fucking point of linking to BrawlVault from Stack Smash.

Look, a Brawl hack on Stack Smash. *clicks download*
Look, a Brawl hack on Brawl Vault. *clicks download*
Look, the name of a Brawl Hack on MediaFire. *clicks download*
Look, a “sign up for MediaFire pro or wait one minute” page. *waits one minute*
Look, the download button. *clicks download*
Look, a message asking where I want to save this file. *clicks save* *waits for the download to finish*
What the HELL, man. A banal process like this is an insult to everyone who even has to think about it! So instead of that I just linked the downloads from the list directly to the MediaFire/MegaUpload/whatever page. In the end I can only remove the second step, but my fellow satellite users will probably appreciate that…

Also, please don’t make a joke about British Petroleum. I’ve heard enough of them and they’re almost as terrible as the problem itself.

One part tryout, one part call out

Alright you guys, it’s time for another inevitably terrible tryout. Make your way to the IRC and present your case to any available members.
To Eggboy13, HSX, MXXD, ElectroBlade (aka Mr. Does One Moveset Hack And Completely Drops Off The Earth), Lexx, Wolfpack, Warchamp (to a small extent), and Vile, it is YOUR fault that we’re in this mess. You deserted us and you better make a great case for your innocence, you Katrina and the Waves of texture hacking. I honestly believe some of you joined just so you could say to your friends “I’m on Stack Smash.” without ever even doing anything.
And for the last part, to our illustrious probably Russian hacker who put malware on our CulTNET site among other things; you are sleazy, shameful, and among other things, a virgin. You are the pivotal reason for why we’re in this mess, and I hope you’re happy.

Mi Apoyo desde Puerto Montt..

Pues, creo que este es mi primer update donde yo hablo 100% español. Como bien saben, yo soy chileno, y ya todos deben estar enterados de la catastrofe que ocurrio en mi pais natal por el terremoto. Como soy residente de la region de los lagos, no hubo afectados en esa zona (incluido yo), pero para los que tubieron la mala suerte de ser golpeados tanto fisica como sicologicamente por el sismo, desde la quita hasta la novena region, quiero entregar todo mi apoyo a todos ellos.

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BP is not technical: Episode III: This time it’s an entire game

This is more or less a plug for a new site I just founded half a minute ago that will hopefully start being dedicated to hacking Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. But, rather than textures, the main focus is…
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