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My recent model imports.

So I released some stuff recently and I needed to update the site because of spam bots and such, so here’s a post.
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Dr. Luigi

Hey, I thought to put something here, because we haven’t updated in a while.

Luigi from Luigi on Luigi

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Enter the Soul Re Eater

Soul Eater Evans over TL. I started watching Soul Eater and decided to make this.
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Cliché‎ Knight texture? Put it on Luigi.

A remake of Knight Luigi!

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Equivalent Exchange

Edward Elric over Toon Link
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Hollows N’ stuff

So I’m making textures this winter break, this will be the first one.
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Mr. L, not exactly.

I actually made a texture for once, I decided to do a small redesign of Mr. L. It was something I made real quick, so expect better later.

Toon Ezio

A collaboration between me and Iwvi from the Infinite Smash Team.
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Wind Waker’s Creed

Yeah, remade this one using Pik’s outset Toon Link (with hex edits for the sword and sheild.)

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