I appeared.

Yeah, PAVGN asked me to join, and I did.

I got nuthin else to say but go look at some of the things I’ve created.

(Please excuse my lack of in game pictures, I have no way of doing that now.)

I made two new textures, first is Trollface Wario. I have no idea why I made him, I just did it randomly. He uses a renamed mouth bone, so it makes some moves look strange. The texture itself is just a bunch of filters, but whatever.

Second is a revamp of Tron Legacy Mario, not much to say about it though. it has two versions, one with a Identity disk, and one without it.

Legacy Mario Revamp:

Troll Face Wario:

6 Responses to “Suddenly…”

  • Welcome to the team MANSTA8. I would recommend linking people to your vault instead of just telling people to go check It out.

    Also, I was working on my own version of Sonic Generations Green Hill Zone at the time you released yours. I was thinking I could finish mine and then combine It with yours.

  • I added my vault link to the post.

    Thanks for adding me to the team!
    As for green hill zone, mine lacks in sky and small object changes so, go for it.

  • Lol @ Troll Face Wario. For future reference, please use a more tag before the pictures in your posts.

  • WTF that’s Wario when he wakes up in the morning.

  • Luigi Clu and Wario MCP?
    Fund it.

  • “He uses a renamed mouth bone, so it makes some moves look strange.”

    Hey, you know what would be great? If you didn’t do that.

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