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Super Smash Land stages in Brawl!

Super Smash Land stages have moved!

I made a nice page to house all these Super Smash Land stage ports over at The only stage out of the 9 that’s been changed since last year is the Dr. Wily stage (fixed the spawn points), but they all now have versions without the black border. Pick whichever ones you like.

My recent model imports.

So I released some stuff recently and I needed to update the site because of spam bots and such, so here’s a post.
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Dr. Luigi

Hey, I thought to put something here, because we haven’t updated in a while.

Sonic Advanced 3: Sunset Hill Zone Act 1 V2.0

Goes over battlefield with no rel and Green Hill Zone with a rel.

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Luigi from Luigi on Luigi

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Sonic Advance 3: Route 99+ Pack

I made 3 different balanced versions of the Route 99 stage that I created. One stage is like BF, the other stage is like Final Destination and the third stage is like Smashville (yes the platform moves…and yes it does move at the same speed as the regular smashville platform.). Each stage stage can go over Battlefield with no rel. There are 3 rels included in the download. A rel for Green Hill zone, Final destination and Smashville. All 3 of the stages can use the same rels, so if you wanted to, you could put all 3 stages over Smashville.

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Enter the Soul Re Eater

Soul Eater Evans over TL. I started watching Soul Eater and decided to make this.
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Cliché‎ Knight texture? Put it on Luigi.

A remake of Knight Luigi!

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Equivalent Exchange

Edward Elric over Toon Link
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Hollows N’ stuff

So I’m making textures this winter break, this will be the first one.
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