It’s-a me, BP. This update is just to let you know, I updated the hacks list/roster page/download place. And, luckily, most of them actually have downloads this time. And you can finally get Fox McClown, Hulk Davidson and Dr. Horrible (though I think I must have accidentally deleted his red, end-of-movie costume).

I don’t have any new textures (or model hacks) to show you (yet) but all the work I had to do to update the hacks list… should prove that I still care. I’ll be making head-burstingly insane texture hacks again before you know it.

Also, while I agree that a place like BrawlVault is perfectly sensible as a place you can go to find links to textures more easily, I do not get the fucking point of linking to BrawlVault from Stack Smash.

Look, a Brawl hack on Stack Smash. *clicks download*
Look, a Brawl hack on Brawl Vault. *clicks download*
Look, the name of a Brawl Hack on MediaFire. *clicks download*
Look, a “sign up for MediaFire pro or wait one minute” page. *waits one minute*
Look, the download button. *clicks download*
Look, a message asking where I want to save this file. *clicks save* *waits for the download to finish*
What the HELL, man. A banal process like this is an insult to everyone who even has to think about it! So instead of that I just linked the downloads from the list directly to the MediaFire/MegaUpload/whatever page. In the end I can only remove the second step, but my fellow satellite users will probably appreciate that…

Also, please don’t make a joke about British Petroleum. I’ve heard enough of them and they’re almost as terrible as the problem itself.

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  • Mediafire doesn’t require the 1 minute wait…

  • Even if you don’t link your downloads to BV, it’d be nice if you submitted your hacks there, for those people that don’t necessarily check SS. It’d also prevent people from submitting you guys’ hacks as their own.

  • what decoy says you don’t have to wait the minute, i don’t get your decision in not liking brawl vault but w/e it’s good to see someone updating on this website and as long as people do stuff there is no reason that it should be dead, but if i was in control, idk who even is now, but i would maybe try to recruit a couple people

  • Dirtboy, at this point we get sick as soon as we think of recruiting more people. Because most people we recruited to “help update the site” ended up doing nothing and dissapearing without even saying. Not all of them did, but MOST did.

  • well you know what i’m trying to say just to get more activity, how many members are there currently?

  • The whole process is tedious as it is, let alone without having to wait longer and loner for shitty CPU and connection speeds

  • I agree with both BP and LookItsLink, We should put our stuff in the Brawlvault, But we don’t have to link to It from here. Also, I’m glad I decided against talking about British Petroleum yesterday.

  • I probably will eventually, but I’m lazy. What I’m saying is, there is no point to linking to a hack there from some other site that’s already showing more than it does (unless one needs ego inflation from a hit counter there or something I didn’t see).

    The general idea of BrawlVault would’ve been more effective if the hacks were actually hosted there, but I understand, bandwidth, money, etc.

  • Any chance you can make the list sortable by character/creator/hack name by clicking those words in the table? It used to be like that before one of the older updates messed it up, but it was a convenient feature.

    Still, I’m glad that you guys at least care enough to post here and tell us that you haven’t disappeared. It’s too bad that it’s so hard to find people willing to update the site for more than a week after joining the team, but I’ll still visit here every day until the site stops existing. I wish I could help, but I don’t make any texture hacks.

  • BrawlVault’s moreorless designed for people underground — not apart of a site, like how we work. If we’ve got a site, we can supply the hacks. Piece of cake. But not a member, and not wanting to host your own site for hacks? Boom, BrawlVault’s your answer.

    So yeah, I agree with the above statement(s); if you’ve got a team, host ’em yourself. If you’re not apart of anything, get ’em up at BrawlVault. Or, you know, keep them all to yourself. :B

    Roster reorganization ftw.

  • hey guys bp = british petroleum arnt i riginal hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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