BP is not technical: Episode III: This time it’s an entire game

This is more or less a plug for a new site I just founded half a minute ago that will hopefully start being dedicated to hacking Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. But, rather than textures, the main focus is…

The voices! If you’re like me, and you main Viewtiful Joe and Frank West for the simple reason that you know and love the characters as they were in their original starring roles, you should know why. You can read everything I have to say about it here, but to cut it short, I’m looking for people who can do any of the following:

  • Figure out how to replace voices in TvC
  • Identify good lists of voice clips to use for any characters
  • Record the voice clips with high quality (or obtain them in whatever other way)
  • Remaster sound clips and/or remove background noise
  • Do original voice work (for the characters in the game who never had appearances in English)

I’ll more than likely do texture hacks, but  want to stress that I’m only really looking for people who can help with revoicing the game. What am I even going to do to help with that effort? Hardly anything, but someone with the idea has to round up a team of greats, otherwise nothing will happen.

All right, now, hopefully this can draw some attention to C-Dragon now, and never ever have to bother you fine Stack Smash readers about it ever again. Good  night.

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  • Sounds like a plan… Much luck to you with it. If you manage to work it out, then hey, I just might look into the game. I like the premise.

    …Also, if you find a way of checking out their textures, please, do share. <:

  • Some folks on SmashBoards already have the models open in BrawlBox; Zero and MegaMan Volnutt are being made playable in Brawl (where the eff is the Model of Viewtiful Joe!?). The characters use BRRES files, like the assist trophies and Pokémon. And I guess there’s a huge list of Wii games that use the same stuff, so it opens in BrawlBox.

    I think we can expect progress with hacking other Wii games to go quickly, since Brawl has come so far.

  • Good luck with this. Also BP, there is a Viewtiful Joe vertice hack.

  • And, there you should try putting their theme songs back in (like in the Jap version), as I love Roll’s theme song 🙂

  • I, for one, would LOVE to work on providing voice acting for characters, sign me up!

  • Yeah! Get the crappy japanese voices (and Frank’s crappy english voice) the fuck outta the game!

  • Catgowoof: I got the vertex hack, but what could beat an official model?

    Catgowook again: I LOVED that about Cross-Generation of Heroes! I was so disappointed when they took it out. There’s probably no way to really bring it back, though, the whole thing with character appearances triggering the themes… Another thing that’s dearly missed: the animated endings. Slideshows are laaame.

  • TvC is just plain awesome. I got it on my birthday.

  • @ Androu1
    “Alright, just take it easy pal.”

    “Say cheese!”

  • Well, my offer to lend my vocal talents (if you can call them that) are still open if you need a VA in the future

  • maybe if you were able to gain the help from someone with the talents of phantom wings.

    (unless a different code could be made for the music/voice replacement)

  • I totally understand wanting to change Joe and Frank’s voices, but most of the Tatsunoko characters are already voiced by their original VAs so that seems pretty pointless. If you can get the actual voice work from Viewtiful Joe and Dead Rising into the game great, but everything else is already fine. Oh, and if you do get this going please please PLEASE give Alex his 3rd Strike voice back.

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