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Yeah, Olivine City, it’s readyyy

This was one of the first stages I started working on and it’s gone through a bunch of different designs and stuff, scrapped, started over again, what what.

There are a few locations in the Pokémon games where I find myself thinking, “if this game had good graphics, this place would be totally beautiful.” And then my imagination is all “Yeah mang, it’d be like this” and I get a picture in my head. So here’s Olivine City, as it appears more realistically, in my mind.

It’s a wide stage with high ground on the right, on top of the buildings, and low ground on the left, under the pier. You can’t swim in the water though, you’ll just walk on the sand under it. Cool? Cool.

And there are three versions: sunny, overcast, and night. If your set of mods still resembles Brawl a little you could replace each version of Spear Pillar with these, if you wanted. Or you could get rid of one of the Stadiums. Or yeah whatever, I don’t care
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I need an Ampharos model

I’m working on this stage, see, and I’m really close to finishing it, right, but there HAS to be an Ampharos in it before I can call it done. So whoever can get me its model from Battle Revolution, lend me a hand, would you kindly?


Arthur texture. Toon Link. Ghouls. Ghosts. Goblins.
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I made some nifty showcase videos of my stages

I bought a capture device a long time ago, but I was a moron and didn’t get it to work right away. Then I lost it. Then I found it. Then I got it to work. Now I can use it.
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Made another stage. It’s Candy Constellation from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
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Castle II: 2 Castles: Castle Harder

A second stage from me. It’s Bowser’s Castle this time, as it was in Paper Mario 1. The only way to top Osohe Castle as a stage set inside a castle was to make a stage set in front of a castle and on top of a castle at the same time. Boo-yah, mothafuckas.
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Oh my oh my

It’s Mienshao. It’s a Lucario texture. Not that anyone gives a shit about those
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Yaaaahoo! Here we go!

It’s TOAD. Oh man.
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The one with Captain America in it

I made Captain America. How about that.
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Oh! So… Castle.

Here’s my first stage (ignoring all the times I tried to retexture a stage shittily and call it something else). It’s Osohe Castle from EarthBound 2 (MOTHER 3 (The game Lucas is from)).

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