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Dissidia 012: Tartarus / Thebel

You remember the original Tartarus stage mod that I made a while ago?

Well, Tabithia from DissidiaForums has ported it to Dissidia 012! Check out Tabi’s other mods!

Pics and download of the 012 version of Tartarus/Thebel below.

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Zee Emperor

Well, this one took me a while to do. This is a request by Tabithia from Between me being lazy, stuff coming up, random issues with the texture and me doing something wrong this one took a long while. It’s Tabithia’s Emperor!

Tabithia first requested it like 3 months ago (I know, it’s lame it took me 3 months to do this). Similar to RDF’s Squall, Tabithia requested that the download isn’t public. Doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t look at it and maybe think “I would like to have that” or something. But enough talking, here are the SCREENSHOTS (pictures were taken by Tabithia)

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More Dissidia Stuffz

Yeah, its not Smash, but who cares?

If you love Smash Bros so much go over to KC:MM or something

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You can see, but you can’t touch

This is a Dissidia mod requested by RDF from Dissidia Forums. He records Dissidia videos and stuff like that. Pretty cool stuff.
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A tower that rises during the “Dark Hour”? What?

Yes. This is my first Dissidia stage mod and first Dissidia mod overall. Yeaaaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

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