One part tryout, one part call out

Alright you guys, it’s time for another inevitably terrible tryout. Make your way to the IRC and present your case to any available members.
To Eggboy13, HSX, MXXD, ElectroBlade (aka Mr. Does One Moveset Hack And Completely Drops Off The Earth), Lexx, Wolfpack, Warchamp (to a small extent), and Vile, it is YOUR fault that we’re in this mess. You deserted us and you better make a great case for your innocence, you Katrina and the Waves of texture hacking. I honestly believe some of you joined just so you could say to your friends “I’m on Stack Smash.” without ever even doing anything.
And for the last part, to our illustrious probably Russian hacker who put malware on our CulTNET site among other things; you are sleazy, shameful, and among other things, a virgin. You are the pivotal reason for why we’re in this mess, and I hope you’re happy.

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  • What’s a Stack Smash?

  • You gotta be a homie to rep the row, bitches.

  • I wish you luck to all of you and hope things turn out well.

    Who made this post, though?

  • “I honestly believe some of you joined just so you could say to your friends โ€œIโ€™m on Stack Smash.โ€ without ever even doing anything.”

    Well, there goes my reason for applying >_>

    No, but seriously though, you guys know that if I ever actually did any hacking at all, this would be the first place I would come.

  • BlazingKatakiri


  • what do you mean by “mess”…? is it the fact that you haven’t been putting up many posts lately..?

  • Guess I should get back to moveset hacking again…sorry. ๐Ÿ™

  • I would try out if I knew I would be consistent. But just like those members you mentioned, I would only be in it until it got boring. And that’s not enough for this site.

  • I loled coz i was gonna make something for the site right now, and it was gonna be a vertex hack too. Well whatever, ill still make it, but expect it to take more time now.

  • @BSZ: it was PZT…….well, PZT always write the tryouts updates anyway, :S

    @louie: with mess he means how evryone treat us as a zombie, thing that we aren’t, :/

  • If I actually had any skill, I’d try out. Good luck though guys.

  • there is no mess. stop all the internet drama and live on.

  • I wish you the best of luck getting some good applicants.
    It’s a shame that I don’t have as much free time as last year as I’d consider applying if I did.

  • I say we launch an investigation so we can find the guy who hacked the cultnet site!

  • inb4 you guys get hacked again because he saw this

  • BlazingKatakiri

    I’d be happy to join but, the last time I got accepted, I continually asked for the email confirmation (or w/e) so I could post on the blog, but got no response. I got fed up with it and just started posting all my work on KCMM.

  • @BlazingKatakiri: try to join the IRC chat today or tommorow, and i personally try to activate your account, or talk with PZT about that…

    Yeah, we are always in the IRC, mostly in midnights, so don’t worry about contacting us, ๐Ÿ˜›

    PD: we are talking currently now, XDD

  • Well I know how to do everything… But Im not any good… Maybe next time I’ll give it a whirl.

  • @ VILE : How do you manage to always have something epic “almost done” in your sleeves when you’re reminded that you’ve done nothing in a while ?
    No offense, but it’s just kinda funny, since you’ve done the exact same thing on KCMM, and the last actual thing you uploaded was a music track. xD

  • whats a warchamp?(?)

  • hehehe

  • Miacis: that’s because he’s never actually doing something.

  • There is no mess guys. It’s all good. The daily updates have merely slowed down.

    Then again, the downloads section hasn’t been updated in forever. And Pako’s stuff still can’t be downloaded. D=

  • So this is my chance to join? Alright! *goes to irc*

  • Random guy posing to be me what? Anyways, I’ve been working on a texture as of recently, which involves vertexes, which I am balls at, so I might need another 2-3 weeks.

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