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It’s time we get some new hats

“Did someone say hat?!”

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GUESS WHO????!!!+update

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Vampire Yoshi

This needs some work so I’ll improve It soon. I didn’t want to release It now, But I can’t hold off the release anymore.

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Stack Smash is too inactive for me…

and i am leaving it forever…………>_>


1. No activity for revive this shit, i am trying, but i can’t access to the page it self and i don’t know nothing about scripting or anything…….
2. the very “mean” aptitute of some of the members of this site, specially from Androu1 and BP, who in a few words “I AM DOING SOMETHING AND AFTER 5 MONTHS I STILL DON’T DO ANYTHING LOLOLOLOLOL”.
3. my “imposibility to work in textures due to my college shedule………

4. i spent like 3 or 4 months in trying to do that with no evident results.

So I think i gonna keep working as a Dev in sprites for Super Smash Flash 2 at Mcleodgaming, and maybe start doing textures in my topic at the KittyKorp: MeowMix forums and upload them in brawl vault, and maybe join another texture team, but IDK actually………………i feel so dissapointed right now.

And for all the guys who will get mad at me, fell free to delete my textures and everything i done, i gonna reupload them in BrawlVault anyway, and insult me all you want, because i am not mad at anyone, just dissapointed.

so yeah, this is the end of an era, so, bye everybody

*goes to un-admin himself*


You like gunblades?..AND EXTRA!!

Squall Leonhart

Haha….i complelty forgot about this…… much work recently. So this is a vertex hack made by LookItsLink from KCMM, using my original squall texture as a base, so i asked Jack if i can update this in stacksmash at teh same time as KittyCorp, and he agreed………..except that they updated it early as i expected……i am an slowpoke, o_o, i don’t think it’s a problem to update it at this time anyway, :S

Whatever..enjoy the great vertex hack of LookItsLink…..Guns and Swords are awesome, :3

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….About time i made those guys…..

Remmember the good old Syntax Error times? Well, in that days, kinda near of the release, they asked us for help and collab them with textures, and we agreed with that.

After that,some good textures comes, but there’s one (well, actually 4) that really put me into effort and consumed my time, the Metroid Gang. The whole Pokemon Team, but in metroid fashion, with tmother brain commanding them, an small version of Kraid with the Spore Spawn boss in his back, and evolved metroid known as Zeta Metroid, and one of the most requested characters in that time and my personal favorite videogame character, the mighty Ridley

Well, that was before, and now a great number of textures for Pokemon Trainer was released, like the Team Aqua/Magma/Rocket PAC, the Silent Metal and Sack Pokemons made by DasDonkey, and yeah, the Vertex Hack Leaf Pokemon Trainer. With this type of competitors in this new 2010, i simply can’t leave my Metroid Gang stay as it, as a PT mainer and as a Metroid fan i can’t allow that, it must stay on the fray!

It’s time to end the long intro, time to release the revamp i was working in those 3 months and end with the hype, it’s time for…….


….with no more recolors, more quality, and some interesting features, that you can see in this PICS!!!

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Mi Apoyo desde Puerto Montt..

Pues, creo que este es mi primer update donde yo hablo 100% español. Como bien saben, yo soy chileno, y ya todos deben estar enterados de la catastrofe que ocurrio en mi pais natal por el terremoto. Como soy residente de la region de los lagos, no hubo afectados en esa zona (incluido yo), pero para los que tubieron la mala suerte de ser golpeados tanto fisica como sicologicamente por el sismo, desde la quita hasta la novena region, quiero entregar todo mi apoyo a todos ellos.

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It’s mine! It’s FINALLY mine!

My texture in Brawl is MINE!!!!

Now Shake Dimention and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, tremble before your new king!!
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Snake: Colonel, it’s me! I’m fighting myself!!

Colonel: That’s a Pink Marshmallow, Snake…………..

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Well…i think that this is a good bye……

After much time thinking on it….i decided to drop out all the stuff related with texture hacking….The reason??? is just that the life itself demands me to do this. You know……..In this new decade, i really want to focus to my future and to my studies now that i am returning to the university, and i also want to try chances in getting a job, and Texture Hacking is a big time consuming for me, and you know guys, with 20 years i need to stop acting like a 15 years child and start acting like an adult.

But don’t be sad, i will still visiting the texture sites and the irc of stacksmash, but not as an texturer and as a member of Stack Smash anymore………

So i think this is just a good bye, just like NICKtendo did. And of course, my loyalty to Stack Smash is second to none forever!, so good luck to every one, specially to BP, PZT, Pako, S, Jim, Androu1 and to all the people of the SS team.

Also….before i go, this is an small gift to you people…..a revamped Masked Man, with a patch in the left eye forever, and with the helmet more gray than before, 😛 (credit goes to RandomTBush by helped me with this, :P)


So, bye everyone, was a pleasure meeting with you guys, 🙂