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Return Notice and a Call for Help

So, you may have noticed that soon after I announced my “Hatathon”, I stopped updating despite saying I could update everyday. Well to make a long story short (too late), there was an “accident” and I couldn’t use the computer for awhile. I’m back now, but I won’t be able to update for awhile, because Mediafire is deleting files from my account now. This could lead to my Mediafire account being terminated and all of my hacks will be lost. So If anyone has any of my hacks that have been deleted from my account, please send them to me so I can reupload them. Also, because Mediafire is a service I can no longer use, even though I will still be making hacks during this time, I won’t release anything until I find a new host, and have all my hacks backed up. Also, please tell me If you know how to bulk download from Mediafire.

If you would like to help with restoring my hacks, these are the ones with broken downloads:*&ByUser=*PAVGN*&Credit=*&Info=*&Thumb1=*&Type=**&TypeAlt=*

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN – message to all staff members. TO THE PUBLIC – tryouts are open again.

So, tryouts for the team are back open. Go to the IRC if you’re interested. Stay there since some of us are accustomed to idling and it may take a while to see.

Our glorious motherland has been on a downward slide recently. We’re the longest living site, we’ve done everything, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the way things look right now.

If you want to see new hacks, look below this post. I’m making this post public because we have a commitment to the public and I think transparency is an important thing to have.

I think we may need to revamp the way we conduct operations around here, or better yet, reverse them. See after the jump.

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Mi Apoyo desde Puerto Montt..

Pues, creo que este es mi primer update donde yo hablo 100% español. Como bien saben, yo soy chileno, y ya todos deben estar enterados de la catastrofe que ocurrio en mi pais natal por el terremoto. Como soy residente de la region de los lagos, no hubo afectados en esa zona (incluido yo), pero para los que tubieron la mala suerte de ser golpeados tanto fisica como sicologicamente por el sismo, desde la quita hasta la novena region, quiero entregar todo mi apoyo a todos ellos.

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BP is not technical: Episode III: This time it’s an entire game

This is more or less a plug for a new site I just founded half a minute ago that will hopefully start being dedicated to hacking Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. But, rather than textures, the main focus is…
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We are StackSmash, and we steal surveys!!!

Long time no see you guys. Well, here’s the thing:

I’m gonna make a survey, with some questions related to the team and everything (and one stoled from KC:MM, but I think it’s fine, even if Jack shot me with a gun :9), SO… Let’s start:

1. What does Stack Smash need more of, quantity or quality?

2. If Stack Smash needed a leader, what member do you propose?

3. From what member do you want more updates and activity?

4. What team is “friendlier” with us? KCMM or ESH??

5. Excluding the inactive/previous members, and in a scale from 1 to 5, how you rate the current members on StackSmash? (GrandSirThebus doesn’t count since he’s new here)

-C. Chaser

6. Do you like the colors that symbolize us (Black and Red) or should we use another ones?

7. If from all the textures we needed to choose a mascot, what one would you choose?

8. “We do shit right!” it’s our curren’t catch phrase. Should we stick with it, or should we change it?

9. What character do you want more textures for?

10. Vertex hacks or PSA?

11. Our banner’s text’s font, stick with it or make a new one?

12. The way everyone is calling “PROJECT” to everything is annoying… What name should we use instead?

13. Any personal suggestion you want to make to us to get back into the competition? (About the team, NOT related with suggesting characters/stages)

14. Should we delete the “Suggestions” page since no one of us it’s actually looking on it and it’s turning more like an space holder?

15. A normal banner, a .GIF banner, or a Flash banner, what one you preffer?

16. If Stacksmash wanted to do collabs, then who we should do them with?

And that’s all, I don’t know how to make a poll (sorry about that, :(), so insert your answers in the comments.

And this is a half-serious, half-funny survey, so take it as “normal” please, 😛

Also, for everyone who frequently visit us, thanks by all the all time supporting, 🙂

Theme updated.

I’ve finally updated the theme fixing the “WTF ARE THE PAGE BAR DO IN BOTTOM INSTEAD OF TOP!” among other things.
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Pump Up the Volume (GCN)

A post long overdue… A new member has joined the team!

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Tryouts and an internal message

Tryouts are happening again. No BS, just sign up.
To all internal team members, this thing where you visit the team IRC chat once, talk about how you’re going to make stuff, and drop off the face of the earth like MXXD, Lexx, and so on (you know who you are) be more faithful or you’re running a fine risk. There’s a reason we haven’t had an update in two days, and it’s people like you. Cut it out. Do I need to make this any more clear?

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays faggolas. And Merry Christmas, to those celebrating.

Also, if you are reading this then GTFO and go spend some time with your family, you fat nerd, you.

Charity Pokemon Speed Run

Hey Guys it’s Neon. Go watch this Pokemon speed run by the speed gamers, it’s awesome. And it’s for charity. Don’t forget to donate!
Watch it here

If you’re not a pokefag, this is cooler.