A tower that rises during the “Dark Hour”? What?

Yes. This is my first Dissidia stage mod and first Dissidia mod overall. Yeaaaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Tartarus’s block 1, Thebel! From Persona 3! On Chaos’s Shrine! From Final Fantasy 1!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Time for some exploring and, most importantly, massive grinding! Imagine the grinding of FF1 mixed with the grinding of P3! Ohshiiiiiiiii-

Also, I think that someone broke Tartarus, this is a flying part of it not the real deal…

OK, time to get serious. This is one of the things that I hinted back in that filler update before. I don’t mean this stage itself, but that I will start modding Dissidia and posting it here. I dunno about other members of the team, tho.

“The Hacks (Downloads)” section has been renamed “Smash Bros.” and a new similar section was opened for Dissidia, called “Dissidia”. Wow, you never saw THAT one coming, eh? Eh?

The Dissidia section has a tutorial on how to use our modifications, so go check it out.

On another note, all old Smash Bros. posts will be moved to a new Smash Bros. category. This means nothing, really. Except that there will be a category page for Smash Bros and one for Dissidia, but everything will pretty much remain the same. More active maybe, but yeah.

Anyway, too much text. Look at the pics. Oh wait, before you look at them, I’m very sorry that they are so damn dark. Now proceed.

Now also a video, thanks to UltimeciaFFB!


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