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Return Notice and a Call for Help

So, you may have noticed that soon after I announced my “Hatathon”, I stopped updating despite saying I could update everyday. Well to make a long story short (too late), there was an “accident” and I couldn’t use the computer for awhile. I’m back now, but I won’t be able to update for awhile, because Mediafire is deleting files from my account now. This could lead to my Mediafire account being terminated and all of my hacks will be lost. So If anyone has any of my hacks that have been deleted from my account, please send them to me so I can reupload them. Also, because Mediafire is a service I can no longer use, even though I will still be making hacks during this time, I won’t release anything until I find a new host, and have all my hacks backed up. Also, please tell me If you know how to bulk download from Mediafire.

If you would like to help with restoring my hacks, these are the ones with broken downloads:*&ByUser=*PAVGN*&Credit=*&Info=*&Thumb1=*&Type=**&TypeAlt=*

Burn! Burn to the Ground!

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Spin Kirby! Spin!

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You’ll Feel a Little Prick

…Or ten.
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The Beginning of a Hatathon

I finally managed to get my Kirby hat imports to work properly. Because of this, starting today I’ll be releasing a new Kirby hat every day or every 2 days.
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Donner Party Music

Sorry there really weren’t any updates this month, I’ll try to make up for It somehow but for now here are some BRSTMs.
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Monkey with a Ponytail

…And Snoopy once again isn’t posting his stuff here, so I have to do It for him. Here’s Dixie Kong (finally).
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Some Snoopy Stuff

Snoopy isn’t posting his stuff here for some reason, so I guess I have to do It for him. First he says that all of his previous imports have been updated. Now for his new stuff.
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