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Hello everybody. I’m Triforce Zelda, formerly know as Super Zelda. You might know me from the Kitty Corp forums, which I left yesterday.

Well here’s the deal, I wanted to make a post that stated my upcoming absence, and I wanted to include my reasons, yet apparently some people just wanted to bitch to me instead of reading the damn thing – I really don’t feel like explaining it, it’s pretty self-explanatory after reading through everything. I should’ve locked the thread sooner but I thought that the people on that site would have some decency and not just go around trolling on everything I said. Idk, I’m so over it, so let that site burn in hell for all I care now that I’m gone. Anyway, I figure I should make my debut on this site with the favorite of my hacks, a PSA I made for Daisy.

Here are some codes to use with her:

Daisy Function(Highly Recommeneded, nearly 99.999% Manditory!!!)
* 04B0B504 00000001
A Special Code for Daisy, similar to Cloud and Wisp.

Daisy Function 2(Well, you can add it if you want – I’ve got it :D)
* 04B0B508 00000001
Another Special Code for Daisy

Use the above two codes!

Don’t forget about the included guides!

So this is about the end of it. The only thing I can seriously do now is get SFX, but other than that, this is really the final version. If I ever update her again it’ll be an update with Voice sounds which I hope I can get done, and maybe get her ported glitchlessly over someone else.

Has CSS and Result/Tournament Screen Portraits, textures, Final PSA, and bonus .brstms!

Get her here:

Feel free to check this out too:

This is my SSBBL version of Daisy V0.98/V0.8.

12 Responses to “New Member Here!”

  • Well, uh, ok then.

  • Welcome, I’ve been using your PSAs a lot lately. I have been wondering for awhile, what do those two codes do exactly?

  • Uh … why exactly are you still bringing up your hate for KCMM here ? I mean, come on, your hate thread got buried 3 weeks ago. xD
    What did you expect with a “goodbye” topic where you just ranted about everything and everyone on the boards, anyway ?

  • I gotta admit that was pretty funny.
    On topic, why is this person here, I don’t know.
    First post is flamebait in addition to being a PSA…ugh.

  • And once again because nobody can talk about Kitty Corp without them overreacting, It’s time to arm yourselves people, because we’re about to go to flamewar. I’ll start by posting what I told Super Zelda in a PM:

    “Ok, I saw your goodbye thread and, I get It. If this makes you feel better, I understand perfectly where you’re coming from. I get It, you’re unhappy with how things are and you don’t want to be associated with these assholes anymore. And with the response you got for your goodbye thread It’s completely understandable. These people are stupid and don’t try to understand why you feel the way you do. They just look at you and think “Oh, he’s angry. We shouldn’t listen to him. He’s just an angry attention seeking loser.” And just to show just how truly stupid, unsympathetic, and closed-minded they are, they call you “butthurt” If you tell them that they’re unsympathetic, closed-minded, and not understanding of you.”

    Hatred for Kitty Corp is 100% justified. We have good reasons for not liking them, but instead of trying to better themselves or listen to what we have to say, they get overly defensive and try to make excuses and justifications for themselves, and put the blame on others for complaining. Furfag, err I mean Miacis, is an opportunist. Because until someone made a post talking about how he doesn’t like Kitty Corp, Miacis didn’t have a God damn thing to say on this site. I understand that Super Zelda was bound to get a negative response to this post because of what he said. But It seems to me that Miacis is only going to comment here to start trouble. And If that’s the case, go away Miacis, and never return.

  • We’ll never know, PZT

  • This guy doesn’t make moveset hacks (PSAs) only. I’ll ask him to post his stage hacks here sometime.

  • Ehh, maybe I was a little harsh. But I mean it, we shouldn’t hire somebody out of sympathy.

  • I asked this guy If he wanted to join before this incident happened. I can provide proof of this If necessary.

  • PAVGN … why exactly are you still bringing up your hate for KCMM here ? I mean, come on, nobody has been treating you badly for monthes there now, last time I checked.

    I’ve seen several mods mentionning the fact that you’d been acting more nicely and with less close-mindedness to anything KCMM, and we really appreaciate most of the output you give us, mostly in the “News” section.

    So honestly, I’m utterly confused as to why you’re still so pissed off at us.

  • Goddamnit.

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