Classic Stage Editor

This is a Java program I made yesterday to edit which stages appear in Classic Mode. To be honest, I’m kind of proud of it, especially since I made it in just one day!

Download (Mediafire)
Requirements: Java, BrawlBox

This program edits the bytes in MiscData[8] that tell Brawl what stages to load in Classic Mode. These patterns appear many times (I think the repetition might either be to fill space or a bug), and some are in the same section (Yoshi and DK, for example) which makes it hard to edit with Tabuu.
I have to thank Eternal Yoshi for posting the basic information on how these work.

To use Classic Stage Editor, export MiscData[8] from common2.pac with BrawlBox and put it in the same folder as the .jar file. Then run the .jar file and it should open right up, showing you this:

The CSE window. Look at that pretty shade of cyan!

Along the sides are the names of each series that corresponds to certain stages in Classic Mode. The order you fight them, of course, is:
1. Zelda
2. DK or Yoshi
3. Pokemon
4. Earthbound or Fire Emblem
5. Kirby
6. Metroid or Pikmin
7. F-Zero or Starfox
8. Mario
9. Game & Watch, Ice Climber, R.O.B or Kid Icarus
10. Metal Gear, Sonic or Wario
11. 4-player free-for-all against 3 CPUs
The last match is against Master Hand on what I think is the boss stage in a seperate .PAC (haven’t tested this yet.)

The numbers in the boxes are stage IDs. The IDs for built-in stages are on this page, and for STGCUSTOM stages, add 3F in hex (so STGCUSTOM01.pac is 40, STGCUSTOM02.pac is 41, and so on.) Use FF for unused slots. If you only want one stage to show each time, make the other three FFs. If you want four stages, randomly picked, don’t use any FFs.

Here’s what the window looks like after I’m done with it:
Has different numbers.

The “Reload” and “Save” buttons should be self-explanatory. Note that the program won’t save on its own if you close it.

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