Don’t you recognize him?

This hack may seem simple, but I had a lot of problems with It. I’ll get into that in a minute, but first here’s Todd in the Shadows!

This is bad pop song reviewer Todd in the Shadows. He’s the inspiration behind my fake retirement in my last post, and I based this hack off of how he looks in most of his videos. I didn’t have ideas for what Nana could be (I wasn’t going to make Obscurus Lupa), so originally I had Nana as an emerald texture acting as Todd’s “shadow”. But It had a problem where Todd’s eyes were visible on Nana. Nothing I did fixed this, so I just went with having both textures I made being used together with RandomTBush’s separate eyes Ice Climbers hack. The picture shows the masked version of Todd over Nana, but I uploaded a version with Popo as the masked version.

Thanks to Pik, who helped by converting my corrupted pictures for me.

2 Responses to “Don’t you recognize him?”

  • You can mix emerald textures and normal textures on ICs?

  • @hotdogturtle

    Yes. But like I said, the emerald Ice Climber would have the eyes texture of the normal Ice Climber while standing (and possibly other animations). I still have my Todd with emerald texture Todd hack on my computer so If a fix for this is ever made I’ll be ready to fix and release that version.

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