Snoopy V2 and vertexing Pikmin tutorial *edit*

now includes high quality textures, courtesy of MANSTA8!

yeah, i finally got my internet back and i made a cool find. i figured out how to vertex the Pikmin, and why we haven’t been able to before. but first, the result.

Woodstocks to go with my Snoopy hack. and i also included the Flying Ace this time.

download link:

as for how i vertexed the Pikmin, here’s how i did. if you don’t care to know, you can stop reading now.

first, the reason you can’t vertex Pikmin (and probably other models, like Waddle Dee/Doo, and items) any of the usual ways is because of the way the vertex data is stored.  most models store them in 32 bit hex, as in 30FE922D.  for one vertex, they have 3 sets, one for the X, Y and Z positions.  the Pikmin models hold the vertex data in 16 bit hex, as in 0852.  this is why our current methods won’t work with them, because they can only edit 32 bit hex data.

as for how you vertex them, it’s all by hand, through a hex editor.  here are the steps.

first, get a FitPikmin00.pac and run it through AiS to get the DAE’s of the models.  import it into 3ds Max.

second, vertex the model to what you want it to look like.

third, get the model you’re editing, and open it in a hex editor.  go to the vertex set you’ve edited in 3ds max.  look in BrawlBox to find the offset, in the Verticies folder.

fourth, it’s time to move the verticies, one at a time.  you’ll have to count out where all the verticies are, so it’s a good idea to open a copy of the model in the hex editor and type in where all the verticies are.  i say a copy, so it won’t mess with the one you want to save.

fifth, start moving the verticies.  here’s some of what i’ve written down.  these are 2 different verticies moved.

0852 – .914
5852 – 10.914
08A2 – .953
0952 – 1.039
0A32 – 1.149
0F72 – 1.805
0F79 – 1.808
10A9 – 1.957

F905 – -.871
FA05 – -.746

for the most part, if you increase the numbers, they move in a positive direction, and vice versa.  i say for the most part because i ran into a few verticies that did the opposite, so just be aware of that.  and this is the pattern i picked up after a while.

1st # adjusts the 1 position  (by a little over 2 per number (3 to 4, A to 9…))

2nd # adjusts the .1 position  (by a little over 1 per number (3 to 4, A to 9…))

3rd # adjusts the .01 position  (by a little over 1 per number (3 to 4, A to 9…))

4th # adjusts the .001 position  (by small quantities)

this was for the Yellow Pikmin’s body.  the eye polygon took a lot more to move the verticies.  it just takes some trial and error to get used to it.  you’ll also want 2 3ds’s open, the fully edited one, and an unedited one.  that way, you can see how much you need to change the vertex.  compare the same vertex in both, then hex the change.  i’d also suggest editing only 1 or 2 verticies at a time.  it gets a bit confusing if you do more.

sixth, when you make the change in the hex editor, save it.

seventh, import the model you just edited into the FitPikmin00.pac, save it, and run it through AiS.

eighth, import the new DAE into 3ds, and find the vertex you edited.  compare where the vertex ended up to the fully edited model.

ninth, go back to step 5.  if the vertex you moved is in an acceptable range of where you wanted it, move to the next.

this process will take many hours to do, but as far as i know, it’s the only way to do it.

so if you have questions, just ask.

8 Responses to “Snoopy V2 and vertexing Pikmin tutorial *edit*”

  • Awesome tutorial snoopy! I don’t think I’ll try It since It seems more time consuming that what I’d want to do though. Glad to see you were able to make the Woodstocks though.

  • yeah, it took me about as long to make the Woodstock as a normal vertex can, but that includes texturing and testing. probably about 6ish hours? somewhere around there.

  • Cool! I had the original Snoopy with the Pikmin, and I just downloaded with Woodstocks! So glad you did this!

  • Glad you like the textures I gave you, now he really looks complete, how come your version of the flying ace is still blue?

  • meh, just because? not entirely sure on that one. probably because mine is a bit brighter, so the blue seems better. your’s is a bit darker, so i did the brown, and toned the light blue down a bit.

    …Regardless, great tutorial. It always bugged me how stuff for Olimar always had Pikmin no matter how unrelated.
    Does this affect all slots?

  • nope, just the one that you put him over.

    and we’re the people PAVGN brought over to keep this site somewhat alive.

  • Would you make the woodstocks have like… hats… that are different colors?

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