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3 years!

3 years of Stack Smash, I think, as of today. We’re still kickin’ it old school.
I was *going* to post something today, but I don’t think it’s really finished, so if one of you team-members want to pick up the slack for me, you can go ahead. As for me, I’ll just get back to work.
…How sad is it when I begin to look productive?

He’s dark.And he got boxing gloves!

Today’s highlight comes from a dark world.With the power of darkness,boxing gloves AND a sword,he will be the one to take you down! He is the Dark Meta-Luchador. He’s gonna own you,big time.Do whatever you can,but lemme tell you a secret…JOIN THE NINTENDO FUN CLUB TODAY!

Now,GO! GO! GO!

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Say fuzzy pickles.

So, as you might know, Luigi had a Melee costume that was replaced. Nobody knows his origin, some theorize him to be Fire Luigi, some say he’s Luigi’s NES colors, but I say he’s Luigi with his fire colors, skin that looks like it’s been urinated on, and an orange L on his cap. I dub him Pickle Luigi. And, for you, the fans, we put him into Brawl. Amazing, isn’t it? Read on for pics.

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This one was requested by Kavanaugh,whom requested it over here.I know I never say the name of those that request,but whatever.I put the names up if they ask me to do so,lol.It was the first not spam comment we ever received,and the idea of the president was just too good to pass 😀

But,we better get cracking,we don’t want him to trowh some Purples at us just because we are slacking at work :O

Gotta pay that debt off too…man…how am I supossed to get so many Pokos?!

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Ashley is a princess?

OK.Here comes another one suggested/requested costume! It’s THE witch from WarioWare! It’s Ashley! She has grown,tho.And she became a princess…most likely the witch Princess of WarioWare.

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That old Ganon is THE KING!

Mmm…mah boi! Today’s update is what all true warriors strive for! Without further add on,mah boi,I present you all THE KING!

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The monster from The Peaceful Village joins the Brawl!

Many of you know of the Wario Land series. When Wario enters his basement, The Peaceful Village, or another location, he expects a piece of cake. Well, that cake is a lie, because at night, The Peaceful Village is infested with zombies. They appear out of nowhere, and they like to toss their heads at you. And when Wario gets hit by one of those flying heads, he’s in for a big surprise. He transforms into a monstrous being called Zombie Wario, and the only cure is to be exposed to broad daylight. Now, for your convenience, this evil god-forsaken form enters Brawl. Stay back, because he’s armed and dangerous.

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Royal Purple Marth [Work In Progress]

This is an WIP so it isn’t finished yet.The main problem here is that his cape and shoulder armor thing have mipmaps.Noone of us know how to deactivate them,or make them not annoy our life with their crappyness.None-the-less,this costume is pretty good as it is.

This was suggested by Starry Might.Just goes to show that we do consider suggestions.

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Travis Touchdown

From the deeps of Santa Destroy comes our favorite “hero” (more like ANTI-hero).He comes loaded in to kick some freaking ass! Get near him and all you will get is DEATH!

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After Lucas received too much hate from Ness fans (mostly),he was very saddened.Now,he wants to compensate for that by dressing as the boy who defeated Giygas! This is Lucas’ tribute to Ness and Ness’ fans.