Castle II: 2 Castles: Castle Harder

A second stage from me. It’s Bowser’s Castle this time, as it was in Paper Mario 1. The only way to top Osohe Castle as a stage set inside a castle was to make a stage set in front of a castle and on top of a castle at the same time. Boo-yah, mothafuckas.

Paper Mario was an interesting game for being much more serious than the series usually is, but not in a way that feels unlike a Mario game (Hi, Super Mario RPG). As such I made the stage look like it could fit in with a main Mario game, but with the detailed bumped up to fit in with the rest of the Smash Bros. stages, of course…

Regrettably I seem to have somehow locked the stage into a state where I can’t change anything in it at all. I can’t add anything, I can’t delete anything, I can’t change any textures. I wanted to have flagpoles. It kills me that I can’t have character shadows. I wanted to animate the boughs of the trees. I wanted to add grass and flowers. I wanted to make an alternate version with Bowser’s flags from SMG on the castle, and another with classic Paper Mario-like textures. ANYWAY

Downloads: Plain | Everything On It

As with last time, the Plain download has the stage, Stage Select Screen stuff, and a .rel for Delfino Plaza (the stage is Battlefield-based again, so you can put it anywhere you have a Battlefield .rel)

The Everything On It download has that and 12 BRSTMs.

By the way… I didn’t touch a single vertex in making this. It just takes a little creative use of your resources and you can make anything out of anything. This stage is made of
Stage Builder Block: The castles
Green Greens apple: The clown head and the rocks separating the clown head from Bowser’s Castle
Bowser: The Bowser head, natch
Smoke Balls: The eyes of the Bowser Head (because his eyes wouldn’t take the right texture, I had to cover them)
Those log-things in the destructible floor from Brinstar: Both castles’ towers
Smart Bombs: The tops of Peach’s towers
The Crazy Bear (yes the F-ZERO car) from Port Town: The roof of Peach’s castle
Rainbow Ride Magic Carpets: The flags
Sheik’s Needles: The spikes along the top of Bowser’s Castle
Master Hand: The trunks of the trees
Shellcreeper Trophies: The boughs of the trees
Coin Launcher Coins: the tops of Bowser’s towers, the stained glass window of Peach
Franklin Badges: Between Peach’s towers and their tops–I would have used Coins here too but they kept crashing the game when I tried
Chain from Skyworld: The chains holding up…
Gordo Trophy: …the swinging spiked balls
Motion Sensor Bombs: The two platforms
Paper Mario trophies: The eyes of the clown head and the two platforms, the clown head’s mouth, the platforms’ propellors
Some Thing from the Factory Stage Builder Template: The door to Bowser’s Castle on the left edge of the stage
The sky from Spear Pillar: The sky. Original textures though.

And that should be it.

And as always, don’t repost on BrawlVault! :>

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  • And this is why BP is your god.

  • …and if he isn’t your god, you chose the wrong religion.

  • :O The description makes it even more amazing!

  • By the way, I opened the stage with BrawlBox 0.63d Modset 4.2, and it let me add a stage builder cube and then save the file. Maybe that will help you edit the stage further.

  • From what I understand, he can do the actual editing just fine but it crashes the game when he tries to load an edited file.

  • All I really know is, I couldn’t add the model I needed to put character shadows on the main floor, I couldn’t make animations for the trees, and I couldn’t put the reflect map for the Franklin Badge models (the red cylinders under the cones for the towers on Peach’s castle) back (I replaced it with an 8×8 black texture to get rid of it but now it looks unnatural next to the tops).

    I also couldn’t delete the models for the platforms’ eyes. Yeah, I like them there, but at the time I tried I was thinking “Maybe I simply have too many models and deleting some will let me add the shadow one.” NOPE

  • Master Hand trees? LOL

    Great stage. It’s original, creative, and professional looking.

  • Ernie where are you
    Not in the IRC it seems c’mon

  • TWO Peach’s Castle stages released in the same weekend? Awesome! The fact that you didn’t use a single vertex hacked model shows just how much creativity went into this stage. Too bad you can’t make anymore changes to It. I’ve contacted Mewtwo2000 about this though. I hope he can help you.

  • I’ve looked the stage, and tried many things. Finally, it looked as the first animation was corrupted somehow. I’ve been building a new one, but it’s freezing again at a certain point.

    This is the stage with half of the new animation done, and a few small changes in other modeldatas that may be of some help in the future. Shadows on the floor are working, but obviously half of the stage is messed up.

    One solution would be using my Block Tool program with the simpler models so no animations are needed for them. That may save some memory. Also, some of the modeldatas may be a bad idea to be placed where they are. I don’t usually use Battlefield as a base, but I guess not every modeldata is able to handle the same ammount of information. Playing with that could help too.

    Anyway, I’ll keep an eye again myself when I get some time to. It’s a nice stage and needs to be completed.

  • You should put this stage inside a castle, so it would be inside, on, and in front of castles.

  • …Holy crap… I haven’t checked this site for quite awhile, but damn.

    This is a nice stage, I think I need to check up on this site again. ._.

    *Downloads stage*

  • …This froze on me…

    I even redownloaded it, and it still froze… Is the uploaded file somehow messed up? Mewtwo’s edit worked, however like he said, it was unfinished…

  • Well this is weird, but I can’t use this stage anymore. At first I could play on It just fine, then I couldn’t watch replays that I saved on that stage, and now I can’t play on It at all. Oh well, I could always use your other stages until you or Mewtwo2000 fixes It.


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