Chibi-Robo Living Room

I’ve updated my Chibi-Robo stage from last month, and I’ve also added two new versions.

I’ve uploaded two videos. The first shows the “regular” version of the stage; the second is a new version that lets you fight on the bottom shelf as well as the top one.
Chibi-Robo v2 regular
Chibi-Robo v2 double
There is also a third version, with the lower shelf and the walls removed.

Download (BrawlVault link)
The download contains all three versions of the stage, as well as SSPs.
BRSTMs: (if it comes back up, that is)

Here’s a list of the MDL0s used:

  • Shelves and shelf bases (walls): rounded platform from stage builder (NATURE_BASIC_03L in STGEDIT_0.pac) – each shelf uses two, because there is no texture applied to one of the model’s faces
  • Books: cubes from stage builder
  • Wallpaper: two very squished cubes (one left, one right) with the same texture
  • Top of the Chibi-Gear portal: coin launcher coin
  • Conical center of the portal: vertex-edited capsule
  • Chibi-Gear eyes: smoke ball
  • All other models in the Chibi-Gear portal: more cubes

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