Brawl hacking just got a little more homo

because tony’s here now

from earthbound


One more thing: We still have people here, don’t we? If you visit Stack Smash, tell me which character you’d be fine with throwing out. (model hacks, oh ho ho :U)

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  • who does this go over? it is quite snazzy

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Ike bite the dust.

    Or Jigglypuff.

    But yeah, nice hack. I assume it goes over Ness, Lucas, or Jeff…

  • I don’t like replacing characters =|

    Figure out a way to make alloys have the same actions as normal characters and I’d be fine with throwing them out.

  • nice hack, and as for someone to replace idc as long as there isn’t a really popular psa already on the character because the way i have psa’s is i can have the original plus 1 more if i hold L

  • Anything think get rid of Olimar & Marth, I’ll be happy with.

  • Awesome as usual Pik, But I don’t remember this guy. Could someone refresh my memory?

  • Jeff’s best friend in Earthbound.

    Helps Jeff leave his school to help Ness and Paula.

    Apparently he’s obsessed with Jeff because he’s a homo.

    Ring a bell yet, PAVGN?

    Also, Ike, Marth, Wolf, Sonic, Lucario, and Pit are all fine with me for getting replaced.

  • Uh, guys, you do know that this is an Assist trophy, and not on a character? Also, this looks pretty nice. There’s something strange about it, but I can’t really figure out what exactly. I also wanted to replace Jeff with Bomberman, so I’ll be keeping my idea.

  • Going along with BigSharkZ’s comment, I’d like to point out that model hacking doesn’t require the complete replacement of a character. But it does require me to suck Shark’s dick, om nom nom noooooom.

  • @blaziken1234

    No wonder I don’t remember this guy. He was only around for one, Very short part of the game.

  • LAWL.
    Lucario. Or Olimar. Choose your destiny.

  • You didn’t need to say Homo.

  • @Ryan

    Would you rather have It say “Brawl hacking just got a little more faggity”?

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