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I’ve done this before, but never this good.

A stage hack. ;D

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You should’ve seen this coming.

In an amazing display of predictability, I give you a completely unoriginal idea.

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Ridiculously Overpowered Captain Falcon

If you’re a comic fan, you’ll enjoy this, it’s Captain Falcon with the most powerful items from DC and Marvel.
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Forgotten site? No. Forgotten character? Yes.

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I’m leaving the team due to personal problems.

It may seem like nothing’s wrong, but there’s more than meets the eye
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Team Magma Version 3

No fancy titles here, just a texture.
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One not very specific man…

…might be all that stands between Ilium, and some non-existent threats.
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A Zelda villain.

Nope, not Vaati, I’ve already made him, no, not Skull Kid either or Twinrova, not even Zant.
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One very specific man…

…might be all that stands between humanity, and the greatest threat of our brief existence.¬†
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*Cough hack wheeze*

Well, I made a Witch and I made a Boomer, so why not a Smoker? In the comments on Pako’s survivors I saw a couple of requests for a Smoker Yoshi, so, you want a Smoker Yoshi do you? Well…
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