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With inspiration drawn from Majora concept art and Ocarina 3D, I’ve attempted to bring Young Link over and make his appearance relevant to Brawl. His weapons are purely from Majora’s Mask, so he currently has the Razor Blade and the Hero’s Shield.

Now, on to those snapshots…

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Runnin’ and Gunnin’ Action!

It’s been too long, guys – too long since I posted Quote with all those teasers for just a brawl hack (like all that Cloud Strife hype? Quote’s cooler, but whatever)

So here he is

It should also be noted that this is just his model.

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A little late there, buddy

Tomorrow = Three months later I guess??

So there you have it, Action 29: a compilation of a lot of mostly finished things I have lying around.

EDIT: NES Pit [bow] over Toon Link has the ported model, as the bow didn’t exist when I made him on TL. The Shield version should work fine in a Toon Link slot.

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It’s time we get some new hats

“Did someone say hat?!”

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Oh hey, a brawl update! (almost)

I’m posting a dumb, irrelevant teaser to fill this site with some more life, though I plan a triple update tomorrow. So look forward to that I guess. (it won’t be anything special though)

Fuck yeah, remakes

With hair that’s always there. Or something, at least it’s one texture slot this time.

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Time Capsule

It’s as if Ness brought these back to the Cave of the Past down with him!

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Hearts, Musical Notes and Punctuation

A vertex that should’ve been done weeks ago, this mod comes straight from the stars!

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One Color =! Cel-Shading

This post has pretty nice timing, right after Androu’s rant about how solid color mods are shit and shouldn’t be here.

But I guess this is a bit different, huh? Falcon has a spec map.

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Some More Random Songs

I’m not done with Lavos yet (And believe me It’s going to be completely different from the one that exists now), So here are some more BRSTMs (And a few trophies) until I’m done with It.

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