Guys, I’m not feeling too well…

I think I have a virus.

I should go see the doctor about some pills.

This is a replacement for excitebikes. It was going to be for the Dr. Mario PSA’s final smash, but assist trophies cannot spawn particular characters, without the use of the AT modifier code. So the idea was scrapped and this wasn’t really released anywhere. So it’s here as a filler of my works. If I can remember correctly, this includes all 3 virus types (though not pictured above) with most (if not all) of their animations incorporated, including what looks like ROFLing when hit.

Credit to “Gea” for the idea (as a final smash for the Dr. Mario PSA),

Credit to “Oni K4ge” for starting this replacement (getting the sprites set up),

and I essentially just made it actually work (and theorized how to make it look OK).

sprites made from the NES Dr. Mario:

Download Here

extract to pf/Item/Excitebike

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