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Luigi visits the savage Australias

And he casually stumbles upon a large block of Australium, the world’s only transformative element.

It doesn’t go very well afterwards.

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Departure is often harder on the fan than it is on the hacker

Yeah I might leave this hellhole some day

You guys keep pointlessly fighting over everything

Anyways here’s CAD’s Ethan, as expressive as usual

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Everyday I’m-a hustlin’

Cloud Ike? Bah, useless
Master Chief Captain Falcon? Hm, could be cool
Mario wearing a fedora? Best thing since baconnaise

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Luigi was not a successful test subject

So here at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center we have…

improved it.

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Luigi becomes a bounty hunter


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Luigi enters the ExciteBike World Championship

He’s a SPEED DEMON, babeh.

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Luigi travels back in time to the late 60s

Then, he gets hired by BLU and kills some people.

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Luigi has a buddy named Keith

By the way, Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. is the man. I mean I don’t know anybody like that, man. But there was this guy I knew, he raced dirt tracks, not stock cars but open wheeled cars you know, and he was racing once and a goat…

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Luigi gets brainwashed and epic

You call that a Mr. L? THIS is a Mr. L!

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Luigi finds an interesting hobby

Designing and building deadly robots to kill Megaman once for all.

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