PAVGN Finally Makes BRSTMs

Recently I’ve started to make BRSTMs since Brawlbox allows me to do so easily. So I’m going to start making BRSTMs of songs from old and/or obscure video games, And I’ll be taking requests as well. Here are some songs I’ve done so far:

A Pirate I Was Meant to Be – The opening musical number from the third chapter of The Curse of Monkey Island.

Redial – One of the level themes from Bomberman Hero.

Happy Cat Factory – The final level music from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES.

Japon – This song is exclusive to the F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Title (Tin Star) – The awesome title theme from Tin Star.

Andy Asteroids – Music that is used for the Andy Asteroids racing levels in Earthworm Jim.

Mimesis – This awesome song from Bomberman Hero is heard during the levels where you ride around on Louie.

Title (Battletoads/DoubleDragon) – Kick ass intro music from Battletoads & Double Dragon.

Rainbow Road (F-Zero X) – This is a brilliant rock remix of the Rainbow Road song from Mario Kart 64. It’s exclusive to the F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Ooze – The game over theme from Bomberman Hero.

Download link takes you to all of the songs listed here.

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