attention: people that care

I know just a plain texture update without a download (or actually being applied on a model)  is pretty boring, and it covers up PAVGN’s hard BRSTM work by putting a filler update above it – but I just wanted to tell you guys I’ve finished my part of Quote’s textures.

So now I’m going to start on the model.

Just lettin’ you guys know that.

I also put together an assembled version, which should give you a small idea of how he will come together

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  • This looks pretty nifty.

  • Looks like Mario from the look of the entire layout.

  • I love you.

    So anyway, what kind of moveset would we do for Quote anyway? Or is this just going over Ness’ moveset? Come on, you can spill a little bit for us, right?

  • @blaziken1234: From what I remember, he was using an altered model of the Pokemon Trainer, so I assume that’s what he’ll be doing now. Of course, I may be thinking of someone else…

    Anyway, this is going to be killer when it’s complete.

  • “Anyway, this is going to be killer when it’s complete.”


    Quote’s been like a dream Brawler to me for a while. Keep up that there good work, Pik.

  • Hurry up! This is comming along Great and I can’t wait to (mis)use this!

  • This is NOT filler. :3

  • Pik, I don’t really consider BRSTM making “Hard work”. To me, Hard work is when you get paid to do something you’d rather not do. But I want to, And enjoy making BRTSMs. Therefore I don’t consider It hard work, Even If loop points are difficult to set up at times. If you or anyone else wants to post a filler update after I do something like that, By all means go right ahead. I won’t (Or can) stop you, And It doesn’t bother me. Anyway, I really like how all this looks. I can’t wait to see how It all comes together even though I’ve never played Cave Story.

    Oh, And I’m sorry I didn’t comment on this earlier.

  • is ike…ugh

  • Oooooh. Lookin’ nice. :0

  • hy, ive seen your job and look really nice, cool model, but which charater will you replace?

  • Finished Cave Story not long ago and I iz looking forward to this =3

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