Well…i think that this is a good bye……

After much time thinking on it….i decided to drop out all the stuff related with texture hacking….The reason??? is just that the life itself demands me to do this. You know……..In this new decade, i really want to focus to my future and to my studies now that i am returning to the university, and i also want to try chances in getting a job, and Texture Hacking is a big time consuming for me, and you know guys, with 20 years i need to stop acting like a 15 years child and start acting like an adult.

But don’t be sad, i will still visiting the texture sites and the irc of stacksmash, but not as an texturer and as a member of Stack Smash anymore………

So i think this is just a good bye, just like NICKtendo did. And of course, my loyalty to Stack Smash is second to none forever!, so good luck to every one, specially to BP, PZT, Pako, S, Jim, Androu1 and to all the people of the SS team.

Also….before i go, this is an small gift to you people…..a revamped Masked Man, with a patch in the left eye forever, and with the helmet more gray than before, πŸ˜› (credit goes to RandomTBush by helped me with this, :P)


So, bye everyone, was a pleasure meeting with you guys, πŸ™‚


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  • πŸ™

  • Wow…dropping like flies.

  • I’m quitting too

    Yeah just kidding

  • What the FFFFF–


  • And so the fellowship was broken…

  • That’s really sad, your texture was great… I wish you luck.

  • Wow your textures were great! Dont worry Dhargh Ill try to finish your Falcons ;(

  • You were the best. Seriously, 90% of my Brawl is stuff by you. You will be missed.

  • If you are going for good Dhragh, you should do one last awesome texture, so we dont feel there is a whole that is not filled. Well, lol I am sad XD

  • Fuck.

    This stings because you are the fifth major texture hack to give up the ghost in the last 2 days, but it’s hurts especially because you were the BEST texture hacker. Ever. Some other users have my respect for wonderful galleries, but your utter devotion and eye for detail is second to none.


  • but it’s the 15 year old the community has grown to know and love! it doesn’t have to be all or none, you can still texture hack as small projects on the side, this doesn’t have to be a major shift…

  • O_O



  • *sigh*

    Dhragen I know how you feel. Im starting to think too.

  • Wow, there’s a lot of people quitting. I really hope that the community stays alive through this. I know I’m not quitting.

    Well, goodbye, Dhragen.

    I know this sounds insensitive, but… who’s going to make the xxxx as Captain Falcon textures now?

  • I only made a Falcon ROB, but I wish Dhragen would have finished his series. It would be cool if he makes a last texture or atleast makes some fas textures sometimes. I dont want him to quit completly, but well, is his desicion.

  • Well, crap. I always liked seeing/using your textures, Dhragen. D:

    It’s good that you’re going to spend more time with your studies, since that’s much, much more important than anything else. So… Bon voyage, and I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours.

  • The only good texturer has quit , sad times.

  • Awww… you’re one of the last people I thought I’d see leave.

  • every1s quiting now ive seen at least 5 people or more who quit 2day

  • This place used to be great until the server crash. Now, this place is struggling to live, especially after losing all the past downloads and such.

    Of course, I’m still going strong with my texture hacks, and I have no intentions of stopping right now.

  • Dayum, that sucks, Dhragen. Your textures were always models for me; I simply envied your incredible amount of detail. Some days, I would just open them up in ASH, and try to figure out just how ze heyll you MADE them, LOL.

    Alas, good luck to ye; it takes a lot of balls to quit not because you want to be an attention-nabbing faggot, but because you actually, ACTUALLY, have a life. Later.

  • Well, that sucks. You made amazing textures.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do. πŸ™‚




  • To everyone who thinks Dhragen is good for ditching Stack Smash in favor of school and work:

    Nah. Giving a hobby up is never the way to conquer procrastination. Other things will fill that gap. Dhragen is taking the wrong choice here. He may as well give up video games, too, and anything else he could ever think of that he does for fun. And it still wouldn’t work.

  • End of an era! D:

  • Oh, man, not you too…

    I still remember when you told me my textures were awesome back in my pre-SS times. I almost fainted when I read it πŸ˜›

    Then, much to my surprise, I got hired. “Wow”, I thought, “I’m gonna work with Dhragen!”. I almost fainted again.

    And now… I’m watching you leave. *sigh* As Chicken Chaser said, this is the end of an era. Godspeed, Dhrag. πŸ™

  • I believe Dhrag could still make textures, but because of his plans now he doesnt have to completely leave to do what he likes, agree with BP.

  • Some people do have important lives after all. Can’t expect them to do texture hacks frequently once they’ve gotten jobs and such.

  • ryuken, you have a Cloud avatar thingy so it fits ya.

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