Ah! Doorknob! I mean…

Flint! Now, if I said I made a Flint hack you’d probably think, Snake, or Captain Falcon. No one else in Brawl has the capacity for Flint’s manliness. Well you’re wrong! With a little bit of extra vertex care, Ike can be just as manly. Why Ike? Well, I wanted Flint to wave around a long plank that makes big crashing noises. Like Ike’s sword.

You can’t see his hat from the underside, though. Ike’s headband had enough vertices to shape it like a hat but not enough to close the bottom. If anyone has a magical solution, that’d be pretty cool…

I also made an extremely minor edit for Lucas to look more like Claus. I did practically nothing to make it. What can I say, they’re twin brothers and Lucas already had a perfect Claus texture. So I made him smirk and messed with his hair a little bit, not even as much as I’d’ve liked, but OH WELL, I made it ’cause I wanted it. Maybe someone else is crazy enough about EarthBound to want it.

Also EarthBound 64 Flint. Trenchcoat!

EarthBound 64 Flint

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  • Nicely done. I played a bit of Mother 3, and I think Mother is better of staying a 2D franchise.

  • As Guybrush Threepwood would say “That’s the second biggest piece of wood I’ve ever seen”.

    But seriously this is really good as always BP. But I can’t really see what’s different about Claus.

  • @PAVGN: “I made him smirk and messed with his hair a little bit”

    Next time you should actually try to read the damn thing.

  • I didn’t take the best of pictures to show the changes, though. The PK Thunder one is probably the best for that but the best place to compare is probably the results screen with both of them having lost.

  • @Androu1

    I did actually read the damn thing. I said I couldn’t SEE a difference in Claus because I didn’t notice the smirk (Except for in one of the pictures where he has his mouth open). And the hair doesn’t look that different. He did say It was a minor edit.

  • I thought Flint looked excellent, judging by the pictures, but in Brawl Box, there are a few flaws you should really fix. The right arm is totally different from the left arm, it looks like the right arm has a short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirt, while the elbow has weird proportions. There are shirt textures on the face, the mustache stretches in a strange way, there’s a hole where the belt is, you can see a part of Ike’s headband on the back, and the right boot is a bit messed up.

  • Also, did you remove the hair polygon? If not, with the metal box, it will still be seen, and he will look weird.

  • Hyes. Oh and PAVGN, Check out Claus’s and Lucas’s Mother 3 sprites. They have diferent hair styles. Also, did anybody else notice that Claus and Lucas are spelled with the same letters XD

  • Wow Toupe, noone had realized that EVER! That’s like the newest thing! OMG OMG!


  • “Now, if I said I made a Flint hack you’d probably think, Snake, or Captain Falcon.”

    Actually, I would have thought Mario or Luigi, since that’s what all the other Flint textures I’ve seen have been on.

    This one looks really great. Very professional and high quality. I can also see people using the hat model for future Ike textures.

  • Great job on Flint! Very impressive… o.O

  • Ohh baby! I remember requesting a Claus hair change wayyyyy back when I was a texture scrub. C’:

  • Has that Bison ever been released?

    I’ve never seen it anywhere but it looks friggin’ awesome.

  • Yeah, he was my first model hack. I gotta update the dang hack list…

  • If It’s not on the hacks list people are too stupid (And/or lazy) to check the post that originally showed the hack.

  • That or I just happened to miss that update. Checking the hacks list is usually a last resort.

    Don’t be a dick, Leon.

  • It looks great, it really does, but it doesn’t have that mother feel to it like lucas or ness do…I think its because of how realistic flint looks compared to them. maybe you could make a completely new ness and lucas? haha

    It’s really not bad though, better then I could ever do I’ll tell you that!

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