Wow, a character hack from PZT?

You aren’t imagining it.

Yeah, it’s a recolor but it took me 4 hours. I mostly did it as a crash course for later projects. Credit goes to supersaiyanmikito for the original texture on BrawlVault. I had no slots left for Mikito’s original texture, but I did have a vacant yellow slot because I like Keeby’s original colors so I decided to use my new skills to appropriate Mikito’s texture for the yellow slot. And here it is!

Get it here:
Expect more work from me in the future.

18 Responses to “Wow, a character hack from PZT?”

  • I like to smell farts while a whale fucks my ass

  • That looks cool! Nice job!

  • Wait a minute, 4 hours to recolor a texture that was already made?

    Did you like, recolor pixel by pixel? :U

  • BSZ: I just started, and yeah, getting the magic wand tool to get all of it nearly required pixel by pixel precision. Is there an easier way? The threshold either picked up too little or too much.

  • If your using GIMP, send me a mail or add me on MSN PZT, I can help you out with using GIMP, or maybe even photoshop πŸ˜€

    I’d be happy to show you a few tricks and easy-to-use methods of getting some cool effects
    (P.S – its Leon)

  • Yellow golf ball kirby! I like it

  • Fuck you to anyone who edited my comment. :U

  • You know you could just rename the other one so it goes over the yellow slot right

  • Open in Photoshop and press Ctrl+U (Edits Hue/Saturation)
    Slide the bar until the image looks yellow.. then save..

    Congrats on now knowing how to do a 10 second recolour..

  • Yeah, you could have just copied the texture to a second layer and erased all but the outline, recolored that layer then merged them together. I did that and it took like, 4 seconds.

  • lol, BigSharkZ

    And yes, its simple, but remember folks, PZT is new to this, and when I say new, I mean, know just about 1% of what the hell he is doing half the time.
    cut him a little slack, we all gotta learn somewhere.

  • Oh.
    I thought that was, you know… Epic Yarn Kirby, or something.
    Still looks pretty nice, though. Def. not bad for some first-time-go progress. πŸ™‚

  • If you look at the actual texture, you’ll notice that it’s actually a ring of yarn inside a fabric texture. I didn’t want to discolor the fabric texture, so I had to use the magic wand tool. The hue/saturation tools would have screwed it all up, Nintendo 64(TM) William.
    S, it’s Epic Yarn Keeby. Keeby is basically a colloquial name for yellow Kirby, derived from Kirby’s Dream Course, his only named appearance.
    Docstrange, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. It seems like that would mess up the outlying fabric texture too.

  • Leon, do you have AIM? I forget

  • I think so, but I’ve never used it since the interview

  • What I mean is, you copy the picture to a second layer, then on the top layer you erase all but the ring of yarn then modify the colors of the top layer. That way the layer underneath is untouched, and the modified yarn ring covers up the unmodified one. I mean, it could mess it up, but not if you’re careful πŸ˜‰ I didn’t mean to put down your work btw, just sharing an easier method.

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