Lost your depth perception have we?

Paper Mario

What? This isn't new!

Yep, good old paper Mario, but this time with a twist.

This isn’t a texture or vertex hack or anything, this is an animation hack to make Mario as flat as Mr. Game and Watch. It’s done practically the same way too. Basically, every animation for Mario has been scaled down in one dimension or another to be flat.

Since this doesn’t affect how he moves, however scaled flat he does, it’s difficult to see the 2D effect in-game without moving the camera around him. This is why, while I was editing his animations, I went ahead and edited most of his animations where he turns around to make him flip, and I’ve made his dodges flip accordingly too. This makes the effect much more noticeable.

note: most of his animations work perfectly with simply his motion file, however, Mario’s default moveset to cause his legs to occasionally not be flat and stick out like this:

Stubborn legs...

Which is why, thanks to the generous knowledge from Razanak7 (who also had the idea of making Paper Mario via edited animations), I edited his moveset to remove this effect. If you use both of these files, Mario will be entirely flat.

This will affect every Mario texture you have.

This will, however, in no way improve or otherwise affect how Mario normally plays.

If you have custom textures or models for Mario’s cape, fireball, or fludd, you need to merge them with the fitMarioMotionEct.pac file, as they are the same.

If you have any PSA for mario, the fitmario.pac file will replace that and, as such, will cause the effect above if you don’t use it. if you want a custom PSA for mario and still keep him flat always, you need to either use this file as a base to build the PSA off of, or you need to remove every instance of the events 18000100 and 18010200 and 18010300 from each of his animations (under the “other” event list).

Download: www.mediafire.com/?w418tc8jgyy4ljn

(Both files included, place in (SD):\private\wii\app\RSBE\pf\Fighter\Mario\)

As for the Paper Mario texture in the pics, that’s just S’ old Paper Mario texture (paper mache mario in the download archives), slightly improved by me. My version can be gotten here: www.mediafire.com/?fp0c9zvsh66lkae (it’s a very simple texture)

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  • All he needs to be an actual Paper Mario now is to have an outline!

  • This is amazing. You don’t mind if I make this work as one slot, do you?

    Don’t ask me if it’s possible. It is.

  • Dude, I’ve always wanted this! This is awesome!

  • I had this idea too (Which is why I asked Razanak7 about making characters flat several months ago), And I actually tried making an Assist Trophy flat the same way but It’s not working.

    Anyway, As Androu1 said the only way this could be better is If he had an outline.


    You don’t need to ask for permission to make your own version. In fact, Even If you edit this you don’t need permission. Just give credit and everything’s fine.

  • Yeah, it’s not my idea it was suggested by razanak after some people failed at trying to make mr G&W textured, nor my “technique” necessarily. Without Razanak I wouldn’t have thought up of this, nor have been able to fix that glitch via psa without him. But I figured out how to do it, and had the patience to mindlessly edit every animation.

    Edits are always free for people to make their own version, so long as it is actual work, and not just an excuse to claim other’s work as their own. But by all means, if you can make this one slot, I’m sure plenty of people would love it. So yeah, just put a little credit for whatever you use.

    Outlines, besides texturing some some parts of his texture craft-fully to make some in the limited 2D perspective, would need some sort of additional model perhaps, I don’t really know how to go about something like that or anything.

  • YES.


    After a long break, Stack Smash finally managed to come up with something EXCELLENT.

    Thank you Melee Master and Razanak.

  • Making animation and moveset hacks work for one costume slot only, eh Sharkson? Sounds like magic. Want to explain?

  • That Guile looks good, where can I get it?

  • It’s my next update, as soon as yoshiboshi finishes vertex-editing his hair, as I needed someone else to do it.

  • Wth, he’s really 2D, awesome! =D

  • Okay, seriously, Meleemaster, shall I consider you to not be in our team anymore? You only post on Stack Smash, you ignored my post, and you don’t visit anymore.

  • Of course, though, I can’t recall ever noticing whatever “post” you’re referring to, unless I forgot about it.

  • This is amazing. If only you made a Flat Luigi then I would set :D.

  • Nice, Because it looks great So far.

  • Unban me please, if you may?

  • Hey I wanted that one slot paper mario D:

  • From what I gather, the one slot version was actually buggy as shit, sooooo…

    That’s what I read, anyway.

  • I don´t know if someone noticed this but in the one-slot Paper Mario download link says:
    ´´MeleeMaster500 requested this be removed. Don’t ask.

  • I did request it to be removed, as I did not feel that it was ready for release yet, partially due to glitches.

  • Ah Okay, I’ll wait happily for a more complete version (:

  • If a working one-slot version ever hits, I’ll be over this. I’ll pass until then.

  • Now we just need an outline, alternate costumes, and all the stuff for the character select menu, then it’s complete.

  • Is it possible to reverse this effect with Mr. Game & Watch? Like make him round/ not flat?

  • short answer: no

    long answer: forget about it

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