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More Dissidia Stuffz

Yeah, its not Smash, but who cares?

If you love Smash Bros so much go over to KC:MM or something

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I didn’t want to release this yet …

But since it been a couple days I figured I’d throw it on here, regardless of how shitty it looks :/

If people want a download link, I’ll get one for you, just comment or whatever :/

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Yeah, I’m trying to get back into Brawl texture editing, so um, anyone got any requests? I’ve been out of good ideas for about 6 months, hence why I stopped :I

Also, how interested would people be in a possible competition, for … Team Fortress 2? or heck, even Smash Bros

EDIT TO ANYONE ON THE TEAM: Could somebody please fix my account here, every time I comment it goes to the Spam folder, because some douchebag (you know who you are) decided to Blacklist me after I made a rude comment about his butt buddy. Thanks

Astral Destination v1

Just finished this like 10 minutes ago

Haven’t seen anything besides the platform, and as such, if anyone downloads this (please D:) I’d really appriciate some screenshots of the surroundings rather than the platform D:

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Luigi’s Mansion on the Xbox?

Hell no, its another lost gem from the Original Xbox

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I made a Demoman :I


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Fuck yeah, I’m on a freaking ADVENTURE

Bad Title for a Bad Post

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You are no longer needed

You have restored my strengh Wario, and now, I shall crush you!

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6 Updates in 1!!

And no, I don’t mean Pako or Nicktendo, as far as I know, they’re both still around … somewhere …

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Hey there guy!, this is a story of 5 douchebag american teenagers

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