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Charity Pokemon Speed Run

Hey Guys it’s Neon. Go watch this Pokemon speed run by the speed gamers, it’s awesome. And it’s for charity. Don’t forget to donate!
Watch it here

If you’re not a pokefag, this is cooler.



Credits: Neon, Vile, Pharrox I think (did he make tplx?)

Coming Soon

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Progress: Arcs contain MDL0s, TEX0s, and BRRES’s. If anyone wants to help get those files out of the arcs, get tgas out, and re-insert everything, that’d be great. 😀

As you likely know, NSMBWii was released last Sunday. It was a total dissapointment and is by far the easiest and worst Mario 2D Platformer, but it’s still good. Continue reading ‘New Super Mario Bros Wii’

SMS Patch Preview #2-Bowser!

The final boss joins the brawl! Continue reading ‘SMS Patch Preview #2-Bowser!’

The Super Mario Sunshine Patch!

But wait, there already was one GCN update today!

Continue reading ‘The Super Mario Sunshine Patch!’

A program from phantom wings that allows for a way more custom css. Continue reading ‘OMG CUSTOM CSS MADE MOR CUSTOM BAI PAHNTUM WINNNGGGSSSSS’

Visit the StackSmash Youtube

In case you haven’t heard, Stack Smash has gotten a youtube channel, which will feature texture timelapses and footage of our textures. Many members of the team have capture cards, so there’ll be stuff posted there often.

Also someone else should update tonight with a texture tonight, I’m just posting this because someone needed to do it.

Subscribe or Pinkandorf will drag your soul down to the pits of hell.

P.S. I’ll resume uploading texture videos soon. I got a new capture card recently, so i wanna make sure that when it records it doesn’t screw the color up. If you wanna help out tell me if the color is correct in this corona mountain video thing:


Neon, that guy everyone hates, here to fuck up your Stack Smash. You definately know me from ESH, and if you don’t THAN FUCK OFF! Now enjoy my shit.

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