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Bye bye

Yeah, you heard that right. I’m leaving!
Well… not really leaving, I’m just retiring from texture hacking.
1. Lost files due to a virus (including pacs, pics and pcs’s)
2. Update that killed Homebrew (I had to eventually for a legal copy of NSMBWii)
3. Lack of motivation to reinstall Homebrew
4. Grew tired of texture hacking
Nothing emotional or that kind of overdramatic bullshit. I love the guys at Stack Smash and I enjoyed being part of it.
Still, do not think I’m leaving Stack Smash. Currently, I’m getting more skilled at making models in Maya. Once model hacking becomes fact, I will be there to serve up some models. I hate rigging bones and shit, so I’ll leave that to someone else.
So, if you’re thinking “Nick hasn’t updated in ages, the lazy bastard”, you know why.

You’ve met the Blue Bomber, now meet him again!

Another edit of Dhragen’s Mega Man.

In the future, before the time Mavericks came to be, Mega Man was weak and near expiration and since Dr. Light died of old age, he had nobody he could trust to restore him. But out of nowhere, an old man appeared. A familiar old man. He offered to repair Mega Man. Mega Man remembered he had the knowledge, like Dr. Light, and he knew he met the man before, so based on these facts, he trusted the man. He knew it couldn’t be Dr. Wily, who died of old age like Dr. Light. Little did he know it WAS Dr. Wily, but not from the present time. Dr. Wily travelled to the future to rebuild and reprogram Mega Man.

His mind no longer being the master of his own body, the new, dominant program dubbed himself Quint.

Dr. Wily sent him to the past to destroy Mega Man from his time period. The risk of causing a time paradox that could end the very fabric of logic and therefore the universe was the last thing on Wily’s mind.

Will Mega Man be able to defeat his future self?

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Pfft… Alloys…

Polygons and Wireframes are WAY cooler than that!

Behold Master Hand’s true creations!

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Leon, the other furry!

No, not Leon from Starfox! And no, not Leon from Stack Smash either! It’s the racing talent discovered by the Arrows and pilot of the Space Angler, Leon!

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The other doc

Well, Wily wasn’t able to recover all of Doc Robot’s parts, so he might look a little shorter. There’s nothing to worry about, though. Doc Robot is fully functional.

Armed with Meta Slash and Meta Wing he copied from Metaknight, he’s ready to destroy Mega Man!

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Bed time!

Hailing from a series of point-and-click PC-games designed for toddlers the green wannabe superhero in sleeping gear made an appearance on the Wii. Seeing as the Wii is family oriented, this was to be expected, but don’t you want to beat the crap out of that kid? Well, you can! Pajama Sam dreamed him way into your Brawl!

As a bonus, I made a texture for Bowser that doesn’t represent anyone in general. The idea of giving Bowser fur led to the creation of the mutant bear, Big Teddy!

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Yoshi x2! The Upper Norfair boss and a confession!


Warning! This post features words that may offend or shock inexperienced internet peoples, like furry porn… wait, now I said it. Never mind! Just click more, okay? If you are a Metroid fan, you won’t regret it!

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Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

After years of martial arts training on Mount Eternal, Alex Kidd became strong enough to shatter solid rock with his bare fists. On a quest to find that which requires Alex Kidd’s skills, he met a deformed being, having a fist as head. He claims to be the third henchman of the king, Stone Head. He’d let Alex through only if he could beat him in a game of Janken, and so Alex did. On his way he discovers he is the second son of King Sanders who was kidnapped as a young child and that his native land is heavily misgoverned by the evil Janken the Great. He has to save his older brother and heir to the throne, Egle, and Egle’s fiance and recover the most powerful artifact known as the Crown to bring peace back to Radaxian. And so Alex saved his brother, defeated Janken the Great, saved Egle’s fiance and recovered the Crown. Radaxian is at peace and Egle and his wife are now the king and queen.

Alex felt his journey has just begun and started to look for his missing father, which he found, safe and sound, and happy on planet Paperock.

As Alex returned to planet Aries, he felt something was wrong. And there he was, Stone Head, claiming revenge! Luckily, King Egle emerged from behind Alex Kidd and joins forces with his sibling to defeat the instable deformity! Get ready for some epic Janken!

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Wily’s wet love! +1

3 characters you’ve seen from me before, but better looking! Yellow Devil is looking shinier than ever, Splot, my favorite custom character, has had a little nip and tuck and Amy Rose has a different set of eyes and a matching umbrella!

I also want to introduce to you another custom character: Myrrh Maroon! This character was created by Cyber Maroon and I made the texture. Myrrh also has a younger sister, Iris Maroon. They are both 1/24 angel. Together they are the sisters of light and darkness, the Scarlet Angels.

Notice how the custom characters I texture aren’t rip-offs of the characters that I retexture. Think about that.

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Where are the infotrons!?!?

Did you know that games appeared on floppy-discs for the PC in the good old days? Supaplex is one of those games.

You might have seen Murphy from me before, but I present to you a new and improved one with accurate highlights (Kirby’s emerald textures rule!), but that’s not all:

The cyber world Murphy is destined to protect, The Supaplex, makes its appearance, replacing the ruin theme of Stage Builder. Not only that, BUG shows its face (or that what resembles a face) and joins the Brawl, posing as Murphy’s arch-enemy!

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