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Melee Enthusiasts Rejoice

As much as I hate Melee hacks (Brawl characters with their Melee appearance) I made these Melee hacks because no-one else had made them, and I was curious to see what their textures looked like. So I asked S. to rip some textures from Melee for me, and then I made these abominations.

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I am matter… I am antimatter…

I can see your past… I can see your future…

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Your eyes…

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SD Media Launcher-! (GCN)

Who would’ve guessed it actually works.

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More Progress Report (GCN) *update*

Pardon the cloggage of reports, but…

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Progress Report: HQ (GCN)

So what’ve I been up to lately?

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Extreme Power!

These two were just made on a whim, S. wasn’t going to share them before…

But he figured someone out there might get a kick out of them. And I sure did. So…

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Sonic and C. Falcon require some assistance!

…Well, sort of.

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Sakurai, I am disappoint …+GCN

Mushroom Kingdom I. Super Mario Bros.-inspired.

Mushroom Kingdom II. Super Mario Bros. 2-/USA-inspired.

But… what about Super Mario Bros. 3?

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Pump Up the Volume (GCN)

A post long overdue… A new member has joined the team!

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