Holy Hyrule! (GCN) +I.L.

If you’re a Zelda fan, then get a new pair of pants ready.

Lots of stuff to show this time.

Introducing the likes of Brawl Link, Toon-styled Young Link, Twili Midna and Imp Midna, Ocarina of Time-styled Ganondorf, and Brawl Zelda and Brawl Sheik.

…OoT Ganon’s still a rather W.I.P.; I only added him so Ganondorf wouldn’t be left out.

Enjoy! :3

~Also, please be sure to stop by at my temporary-made SS site extension site every once and again… Note that it’s likely not permanent; I’m just testing it out and see how it flows, so don’t mind me. πŸ˜› ~

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