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A Discord?!

Hey guys, it’s been a hell of a long time. If any of you stumble on this again, I’d like to see you in discord. I miss the old IRC days.

Hit me up for an invite link.

Holy Shi*

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I herd you liek mudkipz?

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Knuckles joins the Brawl.

Kinda, oh, and Sonic’s with him.

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Everytime you masturbate…

…God kills a kitten

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Let’s go to a party!

Kirby’s having a masquerade party, and you’re invited!
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Sony Computer Entertainment America presents…

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Who’s under that helmet?

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The World Ends With Who?

Coming straight from Shibuya, Japan to join the brawl is none other than Neku Sakuraba from the greatest DS game ever, The World Ends With You. Also I’d like to say “Hell yeah. I’m back.” -Phreeq. Nao, Pix.

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Still Searchin!

Hey everybody, I’m just here to remind you that, we are in fact STILL searching for a hex editor to make our progress faster. If you’re interested just hit me up on our IRC or through comments, or my e-mail I can send you a pack of everything that you’ll need including the tutorial. Then you can be considered a part of our team, even if you suck with photoshop! Sound good? Kewl. So start sending those messages/comments!