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I herd you liek mudkipz?

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Knuckles joins the Brawl.

Kinda, oh, and Sonic’s with him.

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Everytime you masturbate…

…God kills a kitten

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Welcome to the theatre.

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Let’s go to a party!

Kirby’s having a masquerade party, and you’re invited!
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Sony Computer Entertainment America presents…

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The Green Blur graces your Brawl!

From an alternate universe hails a mysterious green hedgehog. Feeling he’s a prisoner in his own, distorted world, the hedgehog plans on trading places with a doppelg√§nger from another world. In order to do this, he requires the Power of Debug, a power that reshapes the very fabric of time and space.

Having acuired the Power of Debug and succesfully met the requirements, the hedgehog managed to trade places with Sonic. Being almost an exact duplicate, Tails didn’t notice the switcheroo.

Now that Sonic is no longer in His World, we now rely on the mysterious green hedgehog to save South Island from Dr. Robotnik:

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Who’s under that helmet?

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The World Ends With Who?

Coming straight from Shibuya, Japan to join the brawl is none other than Neku Sakuraba from the greatest DS game ever, The World Ends With You. Also I’d like to say “Hell yeah. I’m back.” -Phreeq. Nao, Pix.

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The poor robot that everyone forgot about…

And so, Santadorf sat little Roy upon his knee.
“What do you want for Christmas, little Roy?” the terrible saint asked, his eyes sparkling with evil.
“For Christmas, I want a R.O.B. costume!” replied the lad with the crimson hair, his eyes big with wonder, joy, and fire.
“…a R.O.B. costume? But no one asks for those!” said the confused Claus, raising one white eyebrow.
“I know…but I heard that if I get a R.O.B. costume, he’ll bring a friend in another update!” the boy said excitedly. Santadorf shrugged.
“Eh, whatever floats your boat.” the festive fiend said with a sigh, and he PAAAAAAAUNCHED the following costume into existence.

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