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The fabled dance.

There was once a tale told by a sole man, his name was Androu1. He told stories of a myterious and powerful dance, “The PZT Fap Dance”. It was foretold who ever performs this dance get “Supah Fap Powahz” and it is said that the only person who has ever successfully performed this dance was a mystic fap sage, who goes by the name of “PZT”. Continue reading ‘The fabled dance.’

Wow, “Smash Boards” should be renamed to “Nazi Boards”. The Cloud Strife project.

Well since the Nazi collaboration boards (AKA Smash Boards), i have decided to post my project ofm aking Cloud Strife here:
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… 2

A new pic of the before-mentioned thing-in-the-works! Check it out:
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Jagi… Damn… What a waste.

Fist of the north star update.

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Why so serious?

Fitartifex did it, but I disliked theirs, so I made my own.

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OTACON!… Fighting makes me emotional.

*Codec Beeps*

Snake: “OTACON!”

Otacon: “What Snake?!”

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VILE’s new patch!!!

Hey guys,

No the tittle isnt misleading you, I am taking on making a new patch. And can any of you guess what that patch is?… YES IT A GORE PATCH!!!

The first of the roster going bad is METAKNIGHT!!!

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Stages, FUCK EM!!!

HEHEHEHE, I was looking at the site and i was all like “WTF WHERE ARE TEH ITEMS NIGGA?”, so I thought to myself, shit WE NEEDS SOME ITEMZZZ. WELL HERE THEY ARE :P:P:P:P. OH I ALMOST FORGOT, I CAUGHT A PATAPON, THIS NIGGA WAS FAST. Continue reading ‘Stages, FUCK EM!!!’

Jack… Just Jack.

Hey guys, I’m VILE and I’m a new member to Stack Smash. For my first post I will be showing Jack (from Madworld)

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