A “Special” Update, with Cookies!!!

So I has a slightly important speech-a-ma-jiggy to tell y’all.

I may HAVE to leave StackSmash soon enough (not that anyone cares XD) for personal reasons, and well, I’m pretty much inactive anyway, and I’m also gonna be away for some time due to personal events (some may know about this >_<) so uh, yeah sorry about that.

For now, lets get this update underway

A Long Long time ago, I made Textures by the truck load, I was makin them day in, day out, and well, I did actually leave Stacksmash as some may remember and open my own site, which closed shortly after, and then I made my place on StackSmash’s Forum, in which I posted new updates regually.

after about 3 months procrastination I finally released my stuff, but mostly about 80% of the stuff was missing, and so I set up a project called, the “Re-Up” in which I re-vamped EVERYTHING, hexxed, updated, fixed, and made lots of new stuff.

And Now, I present to you ….


I’ll hopefully be back soon, If not, then its up to SS to decide what becomes of my place here.


EDIT – there was more, but 18 is plenty for now

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