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For today’s update, we have two things that would make Cosby proud. Yes, it’s the POGEYMANS! The first one is Blue, rival to Red aka Playable PT. Dhragen handled this one. The second one is a completely new Raichu, now actually accurate compared to the old one Phreeq made due to increased knowledge of Pikachu’s textures. Behold the power of the thunderstone! Androu took on this midget Raichu. Grab your Pokeball, go catch some LM4s and Missingnos, and get ready for some POGEYMANS!

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Welcome to the new server, young padawan.

Psst. Hey innanetz. YO MAMA.
In all seriousness, we’re completely worn out especially me, PZT. Expect the update in the morning sorry for the inconvienience. Expect a release soon now that we’re bullet-proof. Also, that guy on Digibutter.nerr claiming to be my brother is my brother. I know you guys are reading this.

If you are wise, you’ll listen to me!

What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?

Eating as much as an elephant eats?

Where are you at getting terribly fat?

What do you think will come? Of? That?

I like the look of pics:

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Double Update: Here it comes, the original virus hoster….

Well, you see, Sigma’s assailant actually gave him the virus which corrupted him. He’s Dr. Wily’s prototype robot Zero. Dr. Wily planned to re-activate him in the future, but he died before his plans could come to fruition. Far in the future, he was re-awakened, corrupted by the maverick virus Dr. Wily created and implanted in his circuitry. Sigma was his mentor, a great virus hunter. The virus was awakened and it soon decided Zero was a bad host. So it jumped to Sigma and Zero became good. Now he trains with X to fight off the maverick onslaught. Which he started. Fresh baked pics here! Get your fresh pics!

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Special Update: REVAMPED 3 and the Megaman appreciation day.

Okay, long time has passed since we made a revamped update, you probably miss those, but don’t worry now, because THE REVAMPS STRIKE AGAIN with a great present for the Megaman fans that visit our site……..YES YOU HEARD US, MEGANESS, PROTOMAN AND EVEN THE ONE AND ONLY SIGMA got revamped for god’s sake!

Say goodbye to the purple and the orange, Proto and Mega now really match in color with his famous Blue and Red respectively, also your favorite blue bomber now have a better helmet that doesn’t look weird on the sides anymore and his helmet squares are fully ultra FINISHED now. We also gave some love to the Evil Maverick, his purple scars are more wider now, cape symbols fixed and some minor issues repaired (and yeah, his white hands with red stripes are here too if you haven’t seen them on EE before, :D)

Yeah, let’s go to the pics now!

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You! Stop stealing my bikes >:U

Hey dodos, this is another special update by me, i did this one because…we lack  assist thropies. DON’T GO TO THE PICS NAO! I have some important stuff to say :U

Before going into pics, can you guess what the title means? (Without viewing the pics >:U)

Fuck this, i’m only taking your time with all this (pic)unrelated stuff.

Go on, get your pics >:3

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We made some of your MOTHER! (ololo)

Today’s update, fans, is a tribute to the game series we lovingly refer to as EarthMotherBound Zero 3 or something. The first, is our old pal Red transformed into a doppelganger of Ness, our PSI-wielding friend. The second, is Ultimate Charmera, which is not so invincible anymore. The third, is Squirtle recrafted into Starman Jr., based on his appearence in MOTHER/EarthBound Zero. I like to call it Starsquirt Jr. The fourth, is Krackensaur, whatever that’s supposed to be. Ask S. Anyway, combined, they form the Mother Trainer and his PSImon and somesuch. With EE’s Mario Trainer and our Metroid Trainer, it seemed a tad unfair not to give Nintendo’s OTHER series starting with an M it’s highlight in Trainer form. Pics!

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TRIPLE UPDATE: What’s that?

You want more retro? Well, you’re the fans.

SMB Peach by Bird Person, SMB Bowser by S, NES 1-1 by Leon and revamped by Androu1.

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The Forum!!!!!!1

OK people, I will be short and to the point. We have a forum but it seems noone cares about it, since it’s dead as fuck.

So…I’m gonna put this big ad in here!


Wow, what is this madness? More retro?!

From the very fucking awesome and retro lands of the original Final Fantasy games come today’s costumes. They are here to kick ass and take–*shot*


Anyway, Bird Person brings up 2 of his most awesome works. One of them has very loose hands and the other is unmatched with weapons, even tho he seems to prefer using his own hands.

I (Androu1) bring a offensive magic user, because you NEED HIM IN UR PARTY LIEK RITE NAO OR U SUX!! *shot*

Anyway, anyway…pics.

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