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Magma Falcon! (Moveset Hack)

EDIT: Hey, the SCHC just got a section in which YOU can show off your custom moves! Check the SCHC out!!!!!!!! (If you didn’t catch the link: )

Hello thar! I’ll show you guys my first attemp at a moveset hack, it’s still V1, but whatever. I call him Magma Falcon. There’s no texture for him yet, so i used a normal brawl texture to take the pics. Since it’s V1, i didn’t make any new move yet, but i modyfied his graphical data and stuff. Test it and you’ll see. He has fire aura! Enough talk, let’s go to the pics.

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We need your help, (Star) Fox!


This is another melee texture. In my opinion, this is the best Fox design and texture from all Smashs. Well, Brawl Fox design is ugly, IMHO. The Melee one is epic. I don’t know if this texture fits well, but anyway,¬†Melee Fox, report in! Also, this is V1.

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Twilight (Post updated!)

Long time no see! ūüôā

It’s been a long time since i updated. And now i’m bringing you a stage. By saying Twilight, you can think what is it, huh?

Enough talk, i present you Twilight Hyrule Castle.

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You! Stop stealing my bikes >:U

Hey dodos, this¬†is¬†another¬†special update by me, i did this¬†one¬†because…we¬†lack¬†¬†assist thropies. DON’T GO TO THE PICS NAO! I have some important stuff to say :U

Before going into pics, can you guess what the title means? (Without viewing the pics >:U)

Fuck¬†this, i’m¬†only taking¬†your¬†time¬†with all this (pic)unrelated stuff.

Go on, get your pics >:3

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The first of many.

Ok ok ok…you guys want to know what is this update? Oooh, do want, heh? It was requested when ]EE[ was “alive”….people were guessing what was Skyos surprise…some said it was boss¬†textures, others, some random things i don’t remember.

Yes,¬†this update is a boss texture. The first of many, i say. This is Retro Ridley (Not cel-shaded). Oh come on, don’t click the “more” button right now, let’s talk a little more :3

Just kidding,¬†go¬†on¬†and see¬†the pics! … oh,¬†i¬†almost¬†forgot, i’m uploading¬†a¬†video,¬†and this post¬†will¬†be updated when it’s done.

Here is the video.

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Special Update : PED Zero Suit & Justin Bailey!

I don’t got much to say but, this is the ZSS Version of PED Samus and Retro-Samus(Cel-Shaded).

PED ZSS¬†has¬†only¬†1¬†modification (and i¬†don’t like¬†that >:U), the¬†back, breast and hand sign¬†is blue.

But¬†for Retro-Samus, i¬†made Justin Bailey. If you guys¬†don’t know her,¬†just¬†google. I talked¬†too much. Let’s see¬†the pics :3

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Another special update, dawgs! This time, the special update is 2 Samus textures.

First¬†comes¬†an¬†epic¬†texture by eggboy, i think it’s his¬†best¬†texture, PED Suit Samus.

Second comes another texture by me, Retro-Samus(Or Cel-Shaded), who’s¬†the second¬†of my series of Cel-Shaded characters. Hope¬†you all like¬†it :3.

Now bois, enjoy the pics!

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OoT needs even more love…

This is the best game i’ve ever played. And i couldn’t resist to do this hack. And this one is the first of the Cel-Shaded series. I call it OoT Link, because it’s the same. ¬†Now, enjoy the retro!

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Double Update! MOAR R.O.B.S! MOAR!

Thaaaaaat’s right! Just what you wanted! MOAR R.O.B.S! FOR THE END OF R.O.B. WEEK, WE GAVE YOU A DOUBLE UPDATE! AREN’T YOU LUCKY?

The first is a powerful robot from the game MOTHER/Earthbound Zero, created by Leon but as it was for ROB week, still Stack Smash territory. She resides on Mt. Itoi (yes we know), her purpose to aid Ninten in his perilous quest! EVE joins the Brawl!

The second is ROB after being subjected to the torturous process of Aparoideation (Star Fox Assault), which is truly an Assault on the mind. (ba dum pssh) ROB is gone. There is only ApaROB.

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Gotta hunt some spaic piraits nao.

Well people, you may know our lack of Samus and ZSS costumes, right? Well…C-C-C-ombo Breaker!!!!!!111

Today, we bring to you, the viewer, not only 2 costumes, or 3…WE BRING YOU 4 COSTUMES!

And look at the time! This is not even a early update, this is a special ocassion (off course, tonight will be rather special too)

Anyway, we have Bomberwoman and Gold Samus! Off course, with their respective Zero Suit versions (Zero Suit Bomberwoman and Sexy Samus).

Androu1 brings a hit from the past with Bomberwoman, because the original NES Bomberman cover as full or originality and looks NOTHING like good ol’ Samus.

He also brings a rather shiny version of Samus. Gold Armor Samus is ready to kick ass and take names!

Off course, Bluz made the Zero version of Gold Armor Samus, dubbed “Sexy Samus”.

But enough chitchat (****talk?). You want pics? They are yours my friend!

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