Welcome to the new server, young padawan.

Psst. Hey innanetz. YO MAMA.
In all seriousness, we’re completely worn out especially me, PZT. Expect the update in the morning sorry for the inconvienience. Expect a release soon now that we’re bullet-proof. Also, that guy on Digibutter.nerr claiming to be my brother is my brother. I know you guys are reading this.

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  • Wait wut? SonicCult has done something legal? :O

  • F@CK YES! w00t.

    In all seriousness:

    Stack Smash, Stack Smash
    watcha goin’ do?
    watcha goin’ do when The Big “N” sues?


  • So these PCS files… how easy are they to insert? Must all the hexing be done? I don’t have a chance to go through the guide right now; so much work to do. But how simple will inserting these be, and how long should the process take if we want to use them all?

    I don’t know much about this; I’m taking 3D Animation at school right now learning Maya, and though applying textures isn’t extremely complicated, it takes some time… I figure this is much easy, but I haven’t looked into the process yet, and don’t have time to, so… ?

  • ShadJV-

    Really? That’s my trade too.

  • @LeadofDestruction: No, not as my major! No offense, but I’m hating Maya. No, my major is Game Design and we need two animation classes, 2D and 3D, then we don’t have to ever mess with animation again. Not an art student of any kind, sorry.

    I was simply complaining that I am horrible with animation, right down to texturing, so I want to make sure that too much work isn’t involved in this. I just can’t handle much with texturing, though I love what StackSmash is doing.

  • Pokemon Fossil Guy

    on fossil trainer u can make ivysaur omastar if u want

  • Am I the only one that can’t view pictures in any post before this one? They just appear as [X]…

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